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Love Triangle: A new dating reality series is hitting Stan and it’s promising to be MAFS 2.0

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A brand new dating series is gearing up to hit Stan in early October and based on the newly released trailer, we can already tell that this series is going to be full of romance and drama.

From the producers of Married At First Sight, the Stan Original series Love Triangle is set to premiere on October 6, 2022.

Produced in conjunction with 9Network and Endemol Shine Australia, you can rest assured that the show will have plenty of scandals and ‘OMG’ moments.

Lisa (left), Madi (middle), Ly (right).

(Image: Stan)

Love Triangle has been dubbed a MAFS 2.0 television series, but with a more modern twist on dating.

The producers have taken into consideration the way we judge people based on appearance while swiping through dating apps, which could potentially stop them from finding a ‘true love’ match.

To combat this prejudice, six single Australians who are finally ready to settle down will text two people without having a clue what they look like.

They’ll have to search for a true connection before they select their final love match, who they’ll then get to date in the real world. But will sparks fly when they finally meet IRL?

Kyle (left), Alex (middle), Yanni (right).

(Image: Stan)

The Love Triangle trailer features glimpses at the six singles and we cannot wait to see who will become the fan favourite, the villain and the heartthrob we can’t help but love!

“My friends refer to me as the walking Tinder,” Yanni joked in the clip.

“I need a best friend, who makes me laugh and makes me horny,” Ly said of her ideal match.

“I’ve waited for this for almost 10 years,” Lisa added, revealing she’s been stuck in a cycle of singledom.

“My next relationship I want to be my last,” Alex said and we have a feeling viewers are going to love him.

The six singles on the hunt for love.

(Image: Stan)

However, the trailer reveals an “explosive twist” which will have all the contestants and viewers on the edge of their seats.

“This is completely insane,” one contestant can be heard saying, though we have no clue what the twist is… yet.

Those interested in the series do not have to wait too much longer for the special double episode premiere only on Stan.

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