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Jessika Power reveals the shocking reason she and arch-nemesis Cyrell Paule said no to a celebrity boxing match

''You may not love your face but I love mine.''
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Their Married At First Sight season may have aired over three years ago, but the feud between Jess Power and Cyrell Paule is showing no signs of slowing down.

On Wednesday, Jess reignited her bitter dispute with Cyrell when revealing why the pair never agreed to a celebrity boxing match, like many MAFS stars do.

When asked by So Dramatic! if she would get in the ring with Cyrell for $100,000, Jess said no.

Jess didn’t agree to the match as Cyrell didn’t want to wear protective head gear.

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“When Cyrell and I first came off MAFS we got offered $30,000 each to do the boxing and we both said yes,” the blonde beauty revealed.

“But then she was like, ‘no I’m not using [protective] head gear’ and I was like, well I’m sorry but you may not love your face but I love mine so I’m not doing it’ and I pulled out.

“I’m not gonna get in a ring with her with no head gear, like are you kidding me? My injector would be upset,” she added with a laugh. “It’s expensive to fix that stuff.”

Cyrell and Jess have clashed since their 2019 season.

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As MAFS fans will recall, the pair’s nasty feud started back in 2019 during season six when Martha Kalifatidis claimed Cyrell’s onscreen husband Nick Jovanovic was flirting with Jess.

Their tension only escalated when Jess cheated on her husband Mick Gould, and later propositioned Nick while he was still “married” to Cyrell.

The beef between the former co-stars reached boiling point during the MAFS reunion dinner in early 2021, when Cyrell called out Jess for gossiping about her in the press.

Cyrell claimed Jess said her relationship with Love Island star Eden Dally was a PR stunt.

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The 32-year-old and Eden began dating in March 2019, after a rumoured romance with Jess, and the couple announced their pregnancy in August that year.

“Cyclone Cyrell”, as she’s been dubbed for her fiery temper, was frustrated that Jess would not “take ownership” of her remarks and hurled a glass of white wine at her during the reunion dinner.

Cyrell claimed Jess was bitter that Eden only ever saw her as a one-night stand during their brief fling.

“I’ve always said Jess is jealous. She can’t comprehend that Eden chose me and had committed to me, and that she will always be a one-night stand,” Cyrell said.

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