Married At First Sight

Former MAFS star Cyrell Paule reveals her unfiltered thoughts on season nine's brides and grooms

''You really shouldn't be so picky when you're no walking Brad Pitt either.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Cyrell Paule was always one to speak her mind during her 2019 stint on Married At First Sight, so it comes as no surprise that the reality star subbed "Cyclone Cyrell" would have some juicy opinions on season nine's cast.
Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-one slammed Cody Bromley for revealing his initial lack of attraction to wife Selina Chhaur was due to her Asian heritage.
"On behalf of the Asian Australians I can honestly say 'we don't find him attractive either'," Cyrell hilariously quipped.
Cyrell was unsuccessfully married to Nick Jovanovic during season 6. (Image: Nine)
"You really shouldn't be so picky when you're no walking Brad Pitt either. Because if falling in love was solely based on attraction, you might be waiting for a long time. Know when you're punching."
Cyrell then appeared to come to the defence of Selin Mengu, who has been slammed by viewers for her treatment of husband Anthony Cincotta.
The former reality star claimed she received a similar edit to Selin during her on-screen marriage to Nic Jovanovic.
"[People were saying] poor Nic, he's been through enough. Some devils just know how to hide their horns better!" she wrote.
Cyrell appeared to defend Selin, saying there's "two sides to every story". (Image: Nine)
"Point being, there's two sides to every story! And they don't air everything. That's probably why she's being nasty."
Cyrell also weighed in on Tamara Djordjevic, who viewers branded the "villain" of season nine following her remarks about retail workers and men who don't earn enough money.
"She's smart. We live in a society where it seems the more you're a villain the more attention, controversy and air time you get," she said.
"It's probably what she wanted anyway."
While Cyrell and Nick didn't work outside of the experiment, she has since found love with Love Island star Eden Dally.
The pair were first photographed kissing after a date in 2019 shortly after her season of MAFS finished airing. They then welcomed their first child together, a son named Boston, in February 2020.

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