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Love Island’s Tayla and Cassidy spill on Grant Crapp: ‘He’s lost the plot!’

The former rivals reunite for the very first time – and unleash on their ex Grant!
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They were at war on Love Island, caught up in a love triangle with Grant Crapp, but Tayla Damir and Cassidy McGill have called a ceasefire, as they reconnect in Sydney months after both being burnt by the bad boy.

Yep, after Cass, 23, was dumped for Tayla, 21, the girls discovered they were both “fools” in the end when Grant reunited with his ex, Lucy Cartwright – the “secret girlfriend” he was alleged to have left at home.

NW got the girls together to chat about the fallout!

“Grant is on this warpath right now of ‘I don’t give a f-ck.” Love Island stars Cassidy and Tayla don’t hold back!

Cassidy: How do you feel about Grant at the moment? Do you feel like he’s lost his mind?

Tayla: I’m not sure there was ever a mind to lose.

Cassidy: Are you in communication with him?

Tayla: No. No communication. I actually don’t have a comment on what he’s doing or what he’s like, because I actually don’t have enough care.

Cassidy: He’s lost the absolute plot – he’s gone cuckoo!

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The girls stunned in white bikinis for our photoshoot.

Tayla: Do you think he wants to stay relevant by being the most-hated person?

Cassidy: Uh-huh. I think he’s looking at it like, as long as people are saying his name, it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad.

Because everyone else [from the cast] is very mellow and he’s just on this warpath of, “I don’t give a f–k!” Wait, are you going on Ex On the Beach [with him]?

Tayla: Wow, no. That’s a hard no.

Cassidy: You know, the way you’ve handled [everything with Grant] is admirable. For a moment there, I thought you were back together with him! I’m very happy to see you strong and happy. Good girl!

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Tayla and Grant were the Love Island sweethearts we all fell in love with.

Tayla: [Laughs] We both came out on top!

NW: Wasn’t there a stage where Grant was talking about giving things another shot with Cass?

Cassidy: He told people that we had a private conversation and that we caught up. I was at a dinner table with my manager and Justin [Lakos, Love Island co-star].

Grant rang Justin’s phone and Justin handed it to me! He showed up to one of my appearances and all night he was telling John James and Justin how beautiful I look!

I was like, ‘Mate, if you drag me into your f–king s–thole life – I will end you!”

Tayla: You mean his Crapp life! [Laughs]

Two weeks after Grant begged for Tayla to take him back, he revealed he was back together with his ex-girlfriend Lucy Cartwright!

NW: What did you guys think when Grant discussed his relationship with Lucy publicly?

Cassidy: I laughed. Disgraceful! I was so disappointed.

Tayla: I laughed because I was right! I mean it hurt, but I also thought, “OK, well my gut was completely right! I’m now so proud of myself.”

Cassidy: When did you click that he had a girlfriend?

Tayla: When I was out of the villa. I found out the day we were flying back home.

Cassidy: So he told you at the airport?

Tayla: Well, he didn’t tell me. I did my research!

Cassidy: You got your phone back?! I was in lockdown after the show for three or four days because they were going to put me back in the villa!

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“They were going to put me back in the villa!” Cassidy reveals the Love Island producers had big plans for her.

Tayla: Why didn’t you go back in?

Cassidy: I refused! Anyway, that’s interesting – he didn’t come forward and tell you?

Tayla: I bluffed him! I told Grant that Lucy contacted my parents.

Cassidy: And he came clean?

Tayla: Half of it… Every day there was more to the story.

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Cassidy: Did he confirm that they were in a relationship or that they broke up for the show?

Tayla: He said that they were living together on and off, like, five days a week and that he’d said, “I love you.”

He said they were dating, and that she knew he was going on the show and that he was going on there to promote his business and that he’d be there when he got out.

[Grant and Lucy deny they were together before the show, insisting they were just friends.] But then he was like, “Then I fell in love with you, and I want to be with you!” I was like, “Get away from me! I’ve got the ick!”

Pick up a copy of this week’s NW for the full chat with Cassidy and Tayla!

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