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These new Love Island Australia 2023 stars are single and ready to mingle

Meet the 'spicy' singles
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The villa is where all the Love Island Australia 2023 singles get hot and heavy, while trying to find ‘the one.’

Guided by host Sophie Monk, Season five is promised to include the “spiciest” contestants yet.

Sophie Monk returns as host for Love Island Australia 2023.

(Image: Nine)

Returning to Mallorca, Spain, viewers will watch ten singles do their best to find a real love connection.

There could be hope for these young hopefuls after the 2022 winners, Austen and Claudia are stronger than ever!

So, who are the young singles entering Love Island Australia 2023? Continue reading to find out.

(Image: Nine)


Clint, 27, environmental scientist

He is no stranger to reality TV after impressing on The Voice in 2018. While he now works as an environment scientist, he hasn’t given up on his music dreams.

Clint has had three long-term relationships, and is searching for ‘the one.’

(Image: Nine)


Harmony, 23, yoga teacher

Originally from Byron Bay, Harmony is a yoga teacher and reiki healer in Sydney.

She hasn’t had a boyfriend since high school, and is readily to find a man!

(Image: Nine)


Chloe, fitness instructor

Chloe has spent a lot of time in the UK as a ballerina, but in Sydney she works as a fitness instructor.

Unafraid to go for what she wants, Chloe is set to ruffle a few feathers.

(Image: Nine)


Tasia, 24, Bartender

Fun and glamorous Tasia knows what she wants and has no problem bonding with boys.

“I’m not here to ruffle any feathers, I’m here to stir it up,” she said.

(Image: Nine)


Seb, 24, Entrepreneur

Smooth and charming bombshell Seb spends a lot of time on the field and loves playing AFL.

After graduating from university with a psychology degree, Seb is looking at being an entrepreneur and hopes to open a wellness centre.

(Image: Nine)


Andy, 27, Professional Baseball Player

Born and raised in the USA, this bombshell lives in the Gold Coast and plays professional baseball around the world.

“I might be American, but I’ve hit home runs on every continent that I have been to,” he said.

(Image: Nine)


Georgia, 21, Retail and student

Aspiring journalist loves the gym and the dance floor. But as she is set to make a splash in the villa, she hopes to stay clear of any drama.

(Image: Nine)


Ryan, 27, Coal Miner, former NRL rugby league player

This former rugby league bombshell has a heart of gold! He hopes to find a partner who loves sport, health and wellbeing.

(Image: Nine)


Aidan, 29, Trade Assistant

This bombshell is ready to settle down after having three series relationships. He is hoping his work as a tradie will attract some of the girls.

(Image: Nine)


Abby Miller, 23, Makeup Artist

Abby isn’t a stranger to reality television after appearing on The Bachelors Australia and mentioned on MAFS after allegedly seeing on of the grooms while the show was being filmed.

(Image: Nine)


Lucinda Strafford, 23, England

‘Bombshell’ Lucinda is a Love Island expert after featuring in the UK version.

“I feel like I was so young last time, I was only 21,” she said. “I’m more mature now and I’m just itching to get in there, and of course hopefully find an Aussie boyfriend.”

(Image: Nine)


Reid Polak, 26, QLD – Personal trainer/ Model

This ‘bombshell’ Reid cannot wait to enter the villa, have fun, find true love and maybe grow his following account on social media.

(Image: Nine)


Kirra Schofield, 26, WA – Early Childhood Educator

Kirra might look familiar to some reality TV fans are she appeared on Married At First Sight Australia to fiercely support her sister Bronte, who was ‘married’ to Harrison Boon.

Following in her big sister’s TV footsteps, Kirra is now on her own hunt for love.

(Image: Nine)


Tyra Johannes, 23, QLD – Accounts

Described as a bubbly “ray of sunshine,” Tyra is looking for love in the villa after having no luck with men in the past.

“This opportunity has come at the right time and I am going to just go for it in the Villa, have fun and do something that is unique and a once in a lifetime experience,” she told Nine.

(Image: Nine)


Nakia Pires, 21, SA – Store Worker

Originally from the country side, Nakia moved to the city where her dog Oakley is the light of her life.

Nakia is said to ruffle some feathers as she described herself as brutally honest and unafraid to voice her opinions.

After leaving a two and a half year relationship in 2022, Nakia is ready to put herself “out there and find love again.”

(Image: Nine)


Tia Gregory, 24, ACT – Real Estate

In the past, Tia has been attracted to bad boys and tattoos but she’s on an endeavour to change that in the Villa.

After being single for five years, she wants to find real love with someone who is ready to settle down.

(Image: Nine)


Savanah Badger, 26, ACT – Law Graduate

Who could resist an Australian Legally Blonde? After graduating from her six-year law degree, with her pet chihuahua Mr Cheeto, Savanah is having a gap year.

While in the villa, Savanah is hoping to break her vicious cycle of going after toxic men with tattoos.

“I want them to be funny and cute and have a sense of humour and not take things too seriously,” she told Nine.

(Image: Nine)


Nate Page, 24, NSW – Personal Trainer


Nate is a basketball player who moved from the USA to Australia when he was just four years old. As a Personal Trainer, he is looking for an athletic girl who shares his strong morals.

But after being in three serious relationships, Nate doesn’t want to get hurt again.

(Image: Nine)


Zac Nunns, 25, VIC – Student

Describing himself as having a “huge personality,” Zac has travelled around the world and is now studying in media and communications.

“I’m looking forward to having the summer of a lifetime, meeting new friends and hopefully a girlfriend,” he said.

(Image: Nine)


Ben Richardson, 22, NSW – Videographer and Content Creator

Ben is going to be the fashionista of the villa! At just 22 years old, he believes himself to be husband material already.

Single since high school, Ben cannot wait to share his creativity with a serious girlfriend.

(Image: Nine)


Ollie Lawson, 24, WA – FIFO Mining Electrician

After waiting for quite some time to do a show like Love Island, charismatic Ollie is hoping it will bring new opportunities.

Ollie grew up in England in a Mormon family, before leaving the church to move to Australia, which he now loves the beaches, the women and the career opportunities.

Watch out for this contestant, he is said to divide the Islanders as he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

(Image: Nine)


Trent Woolman, 25, VIC – Tower Crane Operator

Trent’s motto is work hard, play hard.

After finding no luck with models or his off and on “situationships” in the recent years, Trent cannot wait to find someone to settle down with and find “real true love.”

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