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“It’s complicated”: Sophie Monk reveals she’s frozen her eggs in a candid chat about fertility

''I don't know when it'll happen or what will happen.''
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Sophie Monk has given us an update on her journey to pregnancy.

Earlier this year it was revealed the TV host was undertaking IVF in the hope to start a family with her new husband Joshua Gross.

While speaking to Kyle and Jackie O earlier this year, the Beauty and the Geek host admitted she often struggles to respond when asked about when she will start a family with her husband Joshua Gross.

“If I say no then people are like, ‘She’s not having kids’ and then if I say yes then they’re like, ‘Where is it?'” she said.

Sophie revealed she has frozen her eggs and her husband Joshua has given a sperm analysis.

(Image: Instagram)

Sophie said navigating the road to motherhood while being a public figure has its pitfalls.

“I don’t know when it’ll happen or what will happen. There was a headline saying I’m worried about my age and I never said that.”

“If I’ve put on a bit of weight everyone thinks I’m pregnant.”

Sophie said navigating the road to motherhood while being a public figure has its pitfalls.

(Image: Instagram)

Sophie revealed she has frozen her eggs and Joshua has given a sperm analysis. but admitted they’ve had both “good news and bad news” when it comes to fertility.

“It’s complicated… We’re just going to have a break and chill. It’s just part of life really, isn’t it?” she said.

In early July 2022, Sophie told our sister site WHO that while she hopes to start a family with Joshua, their happiness isn’t dependent on it.

“It’s hard to say too much, but we are definitely trying. We are working towards that and if it happens it would be incredible, but if it doesn’t then that’s just not meant to be,” she said.

“That’s the only way you can look at it. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason.”

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Sophie, who previously told A Current Affair that she’d “love to be a mum”, shared her egg freezing journey with her Instagram followers in 2018 when she had 13 eggs retrieved thanks to Monash IVF.

“So for anyone thinking about freezing their eggs like me for preventative or medical reasons, I’ve got to say I had no side effects whatsoever,” she remarked at the time.

Sophie underwent a successful egg retrieval surgery at Monash IVF, the perfect birthday present!

(IMAGE: Instagram)

But now, in a candid update from a hospital bed in December 2022, Sophie shared some good news with her followers as she celebrated her successful egg retrieval surgery.

”It’s my birthday and I just had an operation to get some eggs,” she whispered to the camera.

”And we got a lot which is great.”

The Aussie icon is working closely with Sydney Women’s Health Specialist Dr Jenny Cook and fertility specialists at Monash IVF to achieve what she has called ”the ultimate birthday present.”

”Getting some more eggies for my b’day” Sophie wrote on a text overlay and she spoke to the camera after the procedure.

Fingers crossed Sophie gets her birthday wish!

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