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Love Island’s Matthew Zukowski and Justin Lacko once lived together in Milan

And everything else you need to know about the 24-year-old.
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We’re only a couple of days in to the second season of Love Island and contestant Matthew Zukowski is not wasting any time in flaunting his perfectly sculpted physique – including showing off his buns in just an apron on day two.

Shy? This guy? Never!

So it’s no surprise to discover the 24-year-old hails from the modelling world. And judging by the many sizzling shots littering his Instagram, he gets paid to be shirtless a lot of the time.

But what could make Love Island fans do a double-take however, is a familiar face that often appears alongside Matt – none other than season one contestant Justin Lacko.

Apparently the pair, who both strutted their stuff internationally as male models, became roommates in Milan way back in 2016 after Justin messaged Matt on social media and admitted he had no one to live with.

The living arrangement lasted about three months.

Who knew? Justin (left) and Matthew (right) were once housemates.

(Image: @mattzukowski/ Instagram)

A familiar face!

(Image: @mattzukowski/ Instagram)

The Melbourne-based reality star also has another surprise up his sleeve: he is also a wrestler who goes by the moniker Charlie Matthews.

“I’ve loved wrestling ever since I was four years old. My character’s name is Charlie Matthews. He’s the man that won the genetic lottery,” Matt explained in an interview with 9Now.

In a hilarious twist, he also admitted his height is dependent on who’s asking.

“Six foot two if modelling. If I’m wrestling, I’m six foot six,” he said, before clarifying: “But really I’m, six foot five.”

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Say hello to Charlie Matthews!

(Image: @thecharliematthews/ Instagram)

Not the face! Anything but the face!

(Image: @thecharliematthews/ Instagram)

So what’s a genetically blessed model, who is currently paired with Rhyce Power’s ex Vanessa Sierra, doing looking for love on a reality show?

According to Matt, he’s healing a broken heart after his last girlfriend dumped him and admits he can be a little full-on in relationships

“I would be called by my ex-girlfriends a little bit too needy,” he confesses.

But something tells us it might take a lot to shake the confidence from Matthew!

Matthew is already feeling right at home in the Love Island villa.

(Image: Channel Nine)

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