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Love Island's Justin Lacko tells: "I'm comfortable with my feminine side!"

The gorgeous male model doesn't care if you think he's camp, he's proud of who he was in the Love Island villa.

It was the shocking twist on Love Island that ultimately sent Justin Lacko home after Erin and Eden were given the power to pick between him and Jaxon Human.
Despite being "so devastated" over his departure, 27-year-old Justin has left the villa with his head held high.
In this exclusive exit chat, the male model talks to NW about why he's not afraid to embrace his feminine side, who he fancied out of all of the stunning girls and what reality show he wants to be on next.
How you feeling about being out of the villa?
I'm so devastated, I'm absolutely devastated. I needed more time in the villa. I really wanted to be there for a bit longer to see where things may go.
You were clearly looking for love, but did it feel like you weren't going to find it?
I think the question goes through everyone's mind in the villa. We're all quite restricted to our thoughts in comparison to the real world. You do question, 'Does someone actually wants me, are they into me?' You try and see if you have that connection, even if you don't feel it but try not to force it open yourself.
So you tried not to let it stunt your confidence?
I think my confidence was on point. It was quite strong when I was in the villa. You get to a comfort level where you know everybody and everyone opens up a little bit more. You find out who is there for the right reasons and who's there for the wrong reasons and you can start to pursue something with them and see if there's something there. But it can be quite restrictive.
I had to go through so much in my life to gain my confidence. It's when I became a model that it really started to grow. You have to go to all these castings and have strangers reject you until finally someone says you are perfect for the job. It's a good way to prepare for a show like Love Island.
Tough call: Erin and Eden had to pick between Jax and Justin.
So what were you looking for in the villa?
I have been in love before and I know what it feels like and I remember how it all went about. In the beginning, when you met somebody and you just share so much in common and you can be very cheeky with one another. I feel like that's how I am and I go with that initial feeling so I always pursue it when it's there.
It must have been annoying that none of the girls had a spark with you during your time in Spain?
Yeah, it was really sad. It was quite daunting knowing we were going to be judged by these beautiful women at the start. The nerves kick in a bit… no-one wants to feel like they're not good enough. You feel vulnerable when you think none of the women like you.
But it's not ideal to make the wrong decision and ending up in a love triangle either.
What did you really think when Elais said the girls thought you were camp?
No, I wasn't shocked when he suggested the girls thought I was too camp. I know who I am and I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I have a feminine and masculine side.
I feel like that's why I'm such a fantastic model, I can understand both sides. It's a good quality to have, I think. I feel like I can connect with women much better and I know what they want – and that's the big question.
All I know is that if there isn't that spark then people won't pursue anything and that's what happened in the villa. My feminine side is something I'm comfortable with and out of those six women, none of them liked it but that's only six women.
I was genuinely myself throughout the show, that's me in a nutshell.
"I know who I am and I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I have a feminine and masculine side."
To be fair, there haven't been many couple made yet. Were the ladies lacking something for you?
I went in and I was attracted to Millie on the outside straightaway.
Then I was also drawn to Tayla and I did try to pursue something with her and put myself out there. But obviously she had a connection with Grant and that is working well for them.
I didn't want to be friend-zoned and be in the situation where no-one wanted something with me but I definitely did try to make connections with the people I thought were attractive.
So are you a fan of Grant and Tayla then?
I love Tayla and Grant, they are absolutely gorgeous together. If anything I was living vicariously through them in the villa.
I wanted to be around them and pretending that it's me that in love. I fell in love with them equally; they are just so wonderful and beautiful. They are the couple I want to win. They are genuinely together in there.
The 27-year-old was a huge fan of Grant and Tayla's relationship.
Do you feel Cassidy has been playing a game since she got dumped by Grant?
She has been really supportive of Grant and Tayla which was really good. Everything is so intense in the villa. It's like a horror film where everyone is locked in a room and they all go crazy.
Then the person that you least expect to be the crazy one is the crazy one.
Cassidy came across as quite genuine at the start and I truly think she's in the villa for the right reasons. It's probably just hard for her to get through the fact that she was left heartbroken by Grant in the beginning and had to recover from that without the support for family and loved ones.
She's just trying to battle through, no different from I. You don't want to be running around with a headless chicken and hooking up with everybody but then the fear can kick in when it feels like it's coming to an end. She obviously doesn't want to give up on love.
I spoke to her a lot and I support her decision. It works both ways, if there wasn't that feeling reciprocated with John then it leaves you with question marks in your head. Then you get in a scenario when someone new comes in like Josh and they tickle your fancy.
If you get the chance to go back into the villa before the show is over, would you?
I'm not sure. It's hard to say… I already made it halfway through. If there was someone in there who wanted me and was perfect for me then I would give it one last chance.
How about another reality show looking for love, like The Bachelorette?
Oh, I don't know. I'll never say never but I'm just going to take each day as it comes. I'm definitely not closed off to love – it's why I came on Love Island. If it's another TV show that might help then I'll have to think about that if the opportunity comes along.
All I want now is to meet someone and settle down, I'm so ready for it.
Goodbye Justin, we'll miss you!

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