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New Bachelor Locky Gilbert reveals the cheeky upside to his extremely tall stature

Seriously, have you seen this guy next to Osher?
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On a crisp autumn day in March 2020, Locky Gilbert was catapulted into a newfound status of Australia’s most eligible bachelor.

It was a moment not to be overlooked, especially given the fact his supposed relationship with Survivor co-star Brooke Jowett was still up in the air.

Well, if you ever needed anything to shut down relationship rumours, it would be announcing that you were about to become the country’s next Bachelor.

When the news surfaced, Aussies across the country flocked to know more about this candid adventure junkie.

His past, present and potential future was picked apart, discussed and analysed over the subsequent five months.

Of course, we deep dived into his past relationships, dissected exactly what his real life job is, hell, we even investigated his tattoos (more on that here – you can thank us later).

But as the first pictures from Locky’s Bachelor debut surfaced, there was another thing we scrambled to uncover – how darn tall was this guy?

Seriously, as he stood next to Osher, we were frankly shocked to see the 30-year-old positively tower over the iconic Aussie TV host.

So when Now To Love interviewed Aussie’s newest heartthrob (until he gets snapped up by one of the show’s stunning women, at least), we simply had to find out.

Oh, and there was an additional element to his towering stature we learned works well in Locky’s favour.

How tall is Locky Gilbert?

Locky Gilbert is 196cm, which correlates to a hefty 6’5.

Yep, that means Aussie’s new Bachie is in the same league as the likes of Hollywood screen ledge Dwayne Johnson, as well as sprinting icon Usain Bolt.

Famously fit and oozing with confidence, Locky is in good company when it comes to the 6’5 club.

He’s not short, folks…

(Network Ten)

In his interview with Now To Love, Locky also admitted that there was another added bonus to the whole hefty centimetres thing.

“I do get asked a lot about my height,” he explained.

“It wasn’t a problem at all in the mansion though. I actually think it’s super cute when a girl has to stand on her tippy toes to kiss me.”

Locky isn’t fazed by his stature in the slightest.

(Network Ten)

Explaining more about his stint as the new Bachelor, Locky revealed he’s gained more than he’d even hoped from the experience.

Confirming that he has indeed found love with one of the women, he said: “It’s an amazing feeling – I don’t think I’ve felt love like this before.”

“I wake every morning and the love is stronger and stronger, I can see so far into the future [with her].”

Uber tall Locky reckons he’s found The One.


And as for the small feat of actually putting himself out there on national television, Locky has a strikingly refreshing perspective.

“Letting your emotions out and talking about your feelings, it’s actually quite soothing and beneficial,” he said.

“I think up until now I haven’t really ever talked about my feelings, but I realised if you talk about them, more people are there to talk about it with you. That was the ultimate clincher to go on the show.

“In my real life I’ve really only concentrated on travel and business, but on The Bachelor all you can do is work on your relationship. So I went 100 per cent on that”.

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