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Where are the winners of LEGO Masters Australia now?

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With a brand-new season of LEGO Masters just around the corner with an all-star cast competing for the title of Grand Master – and the cool $100 thousand dollar payday that comes with it – we thought now would be a great time to revisit our previous winners.

So, scroll on, and take a trip down memory lane to revisit our top teams from years past and see what they’ve been up to since taking that glorious LEGO trophy home…..

Henry and Cade – Season 1 (2019)

(IMAGE: Nine)

It may be difficult to believe but these two were actually strangers when they decided to pair up for the show!

Since winning the first ever season of LEGO Masters Australia four years ago the pair have become very involved in the LEGO community, but as winners that comes as no surprise to us.

”Straight after the show we were both quite involved in the LEGO community,” Henry told 9Entertainment a year on from their victory in 2020.

”We were attending a lot of local LEGO shows and things like that. We also got the opportunity to be part of the LEGO certified store campaigns, where we opened up all the stores on the east coast, all the new stores in 2019. That was really fun.”

(IMAGE: Nine)

There has been a number of exciting developments on the personal side of things as well with Cade and his wife welcoming their second child, a son named Theodore, into the world as a little brother to Duke.

Henry has also made a return to LEGO Masters in 2021 for the Bricksmas special where he was paired up with Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk to make a festive build.

And if they hadn’t kept busy enough already, the duo has also co-authored a book of brick built dad jokes called ‘Brick Dad’.

Henry will return to LEGO Masters for this year’s Grandmasters season and is paired with Sarah from season three who placed fourth alongside fellow friend and mum Fleur.

Jackson and Alex – Season 2 (2020)

(IMAGE: Nine)

These high school best friends were all smiles when they took home the win for season two, revealing in the years since that they’ve used their prize money for some very responsible, adult related things.

Jackson put money towards his mortgage that he shared with his partner on a property purchased prior to his time on the show while Alex purchased a property of his own and put his share of the winnings towards a house deposit.

”I restrained myself and didn’t buy more LEGO,” Alex told 9Entertainment a year on from the win before adding, ”I’m 30 now so I’ve got to be responsible.”

The dynamic duo has also worked closely with Western Australia based not for profit FORM, on a number of projects, including an immersive exhibition called Relics: Bricks of the New World that has since toured Australia.

”[For Relics] we came up with the concept of this post human far future world where everything has been left behind and LEGO people had built worlds around these objects,” Jackson said.

”Large scale exhibitions are a space that have occupied a lot in the past. People have done a lot of shows like that – the man himself, Brickman, has these big exhibitions that are huge and builds awesome, massive creations,” Alex added.

Alex has also returned to art, his large-scale pieces seen on the outside of buildings in Perth, whilst Alex got a permanent LEGO tattoo on his leg in tribute to their win on the show.

David and Gus – Season 3 (2021)

(IMAGE: Nine)

Another pair of besties, another pair of winners!

After taking home to top spot, Gus revealed that he would spend his share of the prize for new furniture for his home whilst David said he wanted to plop his share onto his mortgage.

”I’m a responsible adult,” David joked in an interview with 9Entertainment.

”So, the first thing that you think about is maybe putting it on the mortgage, but at the same time I want to buy a few toys, oy yeah definitely some LEGO. I have my eye on a few sets that are coming oit, so definitely I’m going to use it for some LEGO and maybe a camera, to start taking more photos of the LEGO, of course.”

(IMAGE: Nine)

As for professional endeavours, they’ve both continued building their own creations with hopes to make LEGO a full-time job.

”I’m a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator and I’ve been meaning forever to make that my living, so I want to put my energy on doing it full time,” David said.

And in exciting news, the pair will be returning for LEGO Masters Grandmasters in 2023!

Question is, will they be able to win twice?

Joss and Henry – Season 4 (2022)

(IMAGE: Nine)

These brothers from Newcastle, New South Wales won the trophy in 2022 and have thrown their hats in to win it once more in 2023 for LEGO Masters Grandmasters.

Going into the show with a wealth of building experience that has been recognised in the global LEGO community, the guys were more than equipped to win.

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