Lego Masters

Meet the everyday dads who became Lego sensations thanks to their amazing creations

Henry Pinto and Cade Franklin, winners of Lego Masters Australia share their success story with Take 5's Mitchell Jordan.

By Mitchell Jordan

Henry Pinto, 39, from Sydney, NSW:

My oldest son took his Batman Lego set and handed it to me.
"Dad, can you make it look like the movie?" he asked.
"I'll do my best," I said.
Although I'd enjoyed Lego as a kid, I'd given up on it as I grew older.
These days, I was kept busy with my corporate job.
But making Lego with my kids was so rewarding that I was soon buying two or three copies of the same set to practice!
As a dad to two young boys, I had a lot of opportunities to finesse my skills.
My kids love Lego too. (Image: supplied)
As my passion grew, I decided to visit a Lego exhibition for inspiration.
"You should exhibit here next time," my wife, Kelli, encouraged. "Your work's just as good."
I was flattered but didn't think much of it until I learned a television station was seeking contestants for a new show called Lego Masters Australia.
Kelli had just given birth to our third boy, so I was hesitant as it would involve being away from home for weeks at a time to film.
"I'm happy to mind the fort," Kelli said. "I'm on maternity leave so now's the right time to do it."
With her blessing, I auditioned and was accepted.
On TV with Cade.
The day before filming began, I was introduced to a man named Cade, who would be my partner in the series.
He was a complete stranger but, like me, was also a dad and simply wanted to make the best Lego creations he could.
In the beginning we focused on doing the task to the best of our abilities, but soon we became great mates.
Winning the season was the biggest thrill.
For so long, I'd worked in an office job, but Lego Masters had given me the chance to be artistic.
It became a true friendship.
Since I finished up on the show two years ago, Lego is still a huge part of my life.
I estimate there are at least 200,000 Lego pieces in our home, no doubt with more coming my way this Father's Day!
Cade and I are still great friends and have recently published our first book, Brick Dad, about Brick Dad and his Lego challenges.
It gives readers the chance to see more of our creations.
I hope it shows the world just how much fun Lego can be, not just for adults like us but for the whole family.
We've just published a book.

Cade Franklin, 36, from Brisbane, Qld, tells Take 5:

When I saw Lego Masters Australia was looking for contestants, I told my wife: "I'm gunna be on that show no matter what it takes!"
No matter how old I get, I'll always be passionate about Lego.
My sons love it too and I know we'll spend this Father's Day building together.
Brick Dad by Henry Pinto and Cade Franklin (Hachette) is out now.

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