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EXCLUSIVE: LEGO Masters’ Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught admits his kids are his toughest critics

Even being on TV doesn't impress Ryan McNaught's brood!
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With Lego Masters’ second season well and truly upon us, nobody is more excited than the popular show’s expert judge, Ryan McNaught, who is Australia’s only “Lego Certified Professional”.

The father-of-two tells Woman’s Day there’s never been a better time to get to grips with the iconic toy, as Aussies are encouraged to focus on the simple things in life during self-isolation.

“That’s the beauty of Lego – it’s so versatile and the whole family can have fun with it,” says Ryan, 47, who insists that it’s important to be keeping kids not just entertained, but also educated during these testing times.

“Lego is a very healthy thing to do. It’s not screen time, it’s all about hand and eye coordination, there’s even some maths involved, so it’s a pretty healthy way to play and learn at the same time,” he says.

Ryan believes Lego is the perfect activity while self-isolating – for big and small kids.

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It’s certainly been a tumultuous start to the year and with growing confusion about what parents should be doing with their kids, Ryan maintains that Lego is the one thing we can’t get wrong.

“There is no right or wrong way to do Lego. It’s really up to your imagination and creativity in terms of what you can create, and you can take it where you want. Last week my kids were into building Lego spaceships and now we’re building trains,” he says.

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“Lego can be whatever you want it to be, that’s the beauty of it. As kids change what they’re into, Lego bricks can change, and are versatile enough to reflect that.”

One thing that doesn’t seem to change for Ryan is his twin sons’ sense of humour. The presenter says that despite his growing profile and TV success, his boys Riley and Alexander, 12, can be his harshest critics.

“I’m still just Dad and Lego is just my job, so seeing me on telly is no big deal for them,” maintains Ryan.

“[Watching the show back] they do like to laugh at the things I say and they’re like, ‘Dad you are so lame!'” laughs Ryan.

Ryan says his kids think it’s “no big deal” that he’s on TV.

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As for the kids watching the blockbuster series, Ryan encourages everyone to stick to their dreams.

“If you’d told me that now in my 40s I’d be working for Lego and on TV for Lego, I would’ve laughed at you so hard,” he insists, saying that he encourages all kids to follow their “pure ambition”

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