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EXCLUSIVE: House Rules’ Kayne and Aimee reveal their marriage and baby plans

“Hopefully it’s on the cards in the next few years.”
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Their “forever home” has just gone an impressive transformation thanks to the other House Rules teams.

And it sounds as though there might soon be the pitter patter of little feet around Kayne and Aimee’s new-look home.

Speaking to Now To Love, the couple admitted that children and marriage is in their sights.

“I think we’ll definitely get married before we have kids. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Kayne,” Aimee said.

“Then from there we’ll have kids but we always said we wanted to have a big block of land and a family here [at the home that was transformed on House Rules.] We just thought it was the perfect house for that.”

Happy House Rules couple Aimee and Kayne are looking forward to marriage and kids in the future.

(Image: Instagram)

However, Aimee insisted that she and Kayne won’t be rushing out to use their renovation skills for a baby’s room just yet.

“We’re not going to have kids in the next nine months or anything but yeah hopefully it’s on the cards in the next few years,” she said.

For Kayne, who began dating Aimee after meeting her on a jobsite while they were working together as plumbers, children are something he sees in his future too.

“I’m comfortable with that [timeline]. I didn’t realise she wanted to get married first, now I do!” He laughed, joking he “better start looking” for the engagement ring.

House Rules’ Aimee reveals what she and Kayne get up to while teams renovate their house. Story continues below…

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Aimee is hoping kids are on the cards with the next few years (pictured with a friend’s baby).

(Image: Instagram)

While it will likely be Kayne who pops the question (Aimee is hoping for a black diamond), it was actually Aimee who asked her now-beau on the first date.

“Aimee got my number off one of the other guys and plucked up the courage and we started hanging out from then and it didn’t stop,” Kayne revealed.

Aimee added laughing, “Then he grabbed my waist and it was on from there. He wants it! Done! sorted!”

While the cracks continue to appear between some teams on House Rules as the pressure mounts, Aimee and Kayne say their bond has become stronger thanks to the experience.

“We’ve actually grown a lot closer. I thought we might have had a few more barneys along the way, just because it’s such a high-stress environment and we’re probably not used to being in each other’s pockets for such an extended amount of time,” Kayne said.

“But I just think the whole experience as a whole definitely brought us closer together. We had a great old time.”

Aimee and Kayne have grown closer after their House Rules stint.

(Image: Channel Seven)

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