House Rules

EXCLUSIVE: House Rules’ Aimee reveals the renovation show’s second secret link to Australian Survivor

Such a small world!

By Erin Doyle
House Rules fan favourite Aimee Stanton is no stranger to reality TV.
Earlier this week, the tradie, who is competing on the Channel Seven renovation show with her boyfriend Kayne Floate, revealed that she appeared on Australian Survivor in 2017, but she thought House Rules was a much harder show.
But Aimee isn't the only hidden link to the Network Ten survival show.
Turns out, House Rules' co-host Abbey Way enlisted Jarrad Seng - who starred in the same season of Survivor as Aimee – to be her wedding photographer when she tied the knot with husband Ben Way in November last year.
Aimee described Australian Survivor as "cut-throat" but admitted House Rules was harder. Image: Network Ten
Speaking to Now To Love, Aimee admitted she had no idea of their mutual connection until she started filming the show and it came up in conversation,
"Abbey obviously knew I was on Survivor and I said to her 'Oh do you know Jarrad?' And she's like 'Oh yeah, he's doing my wedding'," Aimee said. "I was like 'Oh, that's sick!'"
Despite initially keeping her involvement on the show on the downlow, Aimee added that she wasted no time in texting Jarrad about the situation.
"I went and messaged Jarrad and was like 'Oh my God, I'm on House Rules' and Jarrad was like 'What the hell?'" she said.
"It's really cool because Jarrad is such a legend of a bloke and so is Abbey, so hopefully one day we can all catch up for a beer."
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Jarrad competed with Aimee on Australian Survivor in 2017 and was the photographer at House Rules co-host Abbey Way's wedding. Image: Network Ten
Aimee added that House Rules is whole different ball game to her time battling the elements – and her scheming rivals - in Samoa.
"Survivor is cutthroat and you're in it to lie and deceive, which I am not good at, so I wanted to go on a show where I can actually show my skills," she said.
Can you spot Aimee and Jarrad in the 2017 Australian Survivor cast shot? Image: Network Ten
Meanwhile, plumber Kayne admitted it was his first time on TV, explaining it took a second to warm up.
"I definitely got dragged along. I think I was more comfortable doing the renovation side than all the cameras but I seemed to get used to it a lot quicker than I thought I would," he explained.
Kayne joked his girlfriend keeps going on reality shows because "she doesn't want to get a real job".
As for the possibility of the couple returning to the small screen in the future?
"She'll go from one reality TV show to the next," he laughed.
While this is Aimee's second time on reality TV, it's Kayne's first foray on to the small screen. Image: Channel Seven

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