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MAFS star Jules Robinson admits she was scared for her life after a “mini cyclone” tore through Sydney and damaged her home

''I felt like my house was lifting.''
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Former Married at First Sight star Jules Robinson has revealed she feared for her life as a “mini cyclone” ripped through Sydney’s northern beaches on Sunday.

The mother-of-one took to Instagram to share her terror, saying that her car port’s door flew off its hinges and water poured into her house following the wild weather.

“I actually was scared for my life,” Jules said. “Things [were] flying around my house. My poor neighbourhood’s front windows all smashed in. I hope everyone is ok #shookup.”

Jules and Cam’s home in Dee Why was damaged in the freak storm that claimed the life of an elderly woman.


The 38-year-old shared a photo of her garden, where tree branches had come crashing down due to gale-force winds.

“The neighbourhood is now cutting down all the trees on the road,” she said, adding that her house was left without power on Sunday.

“Can confirm it was a tornado. This explains why I felt like my house was lifting and all the man holes blew in.

“Stay safe and check the weather before driving anywhere,” she continued, before sharing a photo of the soaked carpet in her living room.

The out-of-control storm claimed the life of a woman in her 70s after a tree fell in a car park in Narrabeen, not far from Jules and her husband Cameron Merchant’s home.

Jules took to Instagram to share her terror.


Meanwhile, another woman in her 70s and a teenager were rushed to Northern Beaches Hospital in a critical condition.

On Monday morning, 25,000 people woke up without power still, with powerlines torn down from Dee Why to Narrabeen.

Jules and Cam, who tied the knot for real in November 2019, bought their Dee Why property for $1.8million late last year.

The couple, who have become one of MAFS‘ biggest success stories after meeting on season six, welcomed their first son Oliver in October 2020, and have continued to go from strength to strength.

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In a previous interview with New Idea, Jules couldn’t help but gush about her husband and their family dynamic.

“I’m so appreciative of my husband that totally co-parents with me,” she said.

“Being 50/50 together in parenting allows us both to feel independent in things we like to do for ourselves and keep us the individuals that we are.”

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