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EXCLUSIVE: On paper, MAFS' Jules Robinson has it all together - but this is the surprising reality

The former MAFS star gets real about juggling motherhood, a business and trying to make time for herself.

By Jess Pullar
It is a truth universally acknowledged that what one see's on Instagram does not necessarily equate to real life.
For former Married at First Sight star Jules Robinson, the feat couldn't ring truer.
On the surface she looks like the poster-mum juggling it all. A baby, a business, modelling gigs, family days out... the list goes on.
Bit behind closed doors, Jules admits the reality isn't quite the expectation.
The 38-year-old got frank to Now To Love about the trials and triumphs she's experienced in the wake of her whirlwind season of Married at First Sight in 2019, where it was truly love at first sight with her now real-life husband Cam Merchant.
After a second wedding, an adorable new baby Ollie, and then launching her own shapewear line, Figur, Jules shares that while these years have been some of her most joyous, they haven't come without some challenges.
"I never got maternity leave, my life got even busier," she tells Now To Love in an exclusive interview.
"I created my business and launched it the same month the pandemic happened - I've never worked so hard."
Add that to then welcoming her baby son several months later in September 2020, her world ramped up even more.
Jules welcomed her baby son Ollie in September 2020 - in the midst of her business success. (Instagram)
But Jules is not alone.
Upon learning of new research released by coffee brand Moccona, revealing the majority of Australians juggling busy work schedules, family life and social commitments were only averaging 32 minutes of "me time" a day, Jules was compelled to speak out.
The study, which surveyed just over 1,000 people, was something the reality star related to on a personal level - not least because she estimates her own "me time" barely scrapes 8 minutes - if she's lucky.
"I am one of these stats," she admits.
Jules admits she can't always juggle it all. (Instagram)
So, what to do about it? The mother-of-ones says there are things she hopes to implement for herself each day, and hopes others will too.
"We just need to stop for our own sake. I've had moments over the last 12 months where I've crumbled and stopped and had to have a mental health day," the businesswoman notes.
"But we shouldn't get to that point, that's why having some me time is so important. People associate that as even just having a coffee and pausing. Even that is better than falling in a heap!"
Cam has been a rock for Jules and Ollie. (Instagram)
As for her life with husband Cam, Jules admits even some of their most important routines have taken a hit.
Before Ollie, the pair used to have a routine of breathing meditation before going to sleep.
"All of a sudden Ollie was born and it stopped. But that was something we did as a couple and it really helped."
That said, the MAFS favourite reiterates just how much of a rock Cam is to her and baby Ollie.
"My husband is amazing at looking after his mental health... He's the most fantastic father."
WATCH: Jules and Cam announce the birth of their baby son, Ollie: