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The Bachelor Australia intruder Jamie-Lee threatens to shake things up

It's a battle of the brunettes!
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With her calm, collected nature and passion for rugby, Brooke has been a firm favourite to win Nick Cummins’ heart on The Bachelor Australia – until now.

Intruder Jamie-Lee hit it off with former international rugby player Nick from the get-go. And if there’s anybody who fears for her place in the reality show as a result of Nick and Jamie-Lee’s undeniable chemistry, it’s Brooke.

“She knows who she is and what she’s about,” Brooke, 23, tells TV WEEK. “Nick and I bonded on that level, so I did think they’d connect.”

“I’m myself and don’t pretend to be anyone else – I’m there for the right reasons,” Jamie-Lee, 27, adds confidently.

“That’s why I think the girls saw me as a threat. I’m not there for anything else.”

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Jamie-Lee says she knows why the other girls see her as a threat.

The atmosphere in the mansion is tense following last week’s shock exits and the arrival of three new intruders.

But poor Jamie-Lee’s The Bachelor Australia experience was nearly over before it had begun, when Brooke collided with her during a group challenge.

It left her with a sprained ankle and torn tendon.

“It was difficult to deal with,” Jamie-Lee says.

“It really sucked. The worst part wasn’t the pain – it was hearing it snap!”

Jamie-Lee meets Nick for the first time.

While Brooke insists it wasn’t intentional, the accident will have a significant impact on Jamie-Lee’s chances of finding love.

“Because of what happened, I didn’t get the chance to know Nick as much as I would have liked,” the venue manager explains.

“The other girls had the upper hand. It’s hard enough in that situation – and it can be quite confronting to be surrounded by strangers. The injury didn’t help.”

Although the infamous “tripod” consisting of Cat, Romy and Alisha have departed the mansion, drama is sure to ensue on The Bachelor this week when the girls participate in a human lie detector test.

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