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The heartbreaking truth behind Romy’s shock exit from The Bachelor Australia

Days after her “impulsive” decision, the star’s father suffered a stroke
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Nobody could’ve predicted Romy’s decision to leave the show in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia – not least Romy herself.

“I had no intention of leaving,” she tells TV WEEK.

“I’m really impulsive as a human being, and sometimes that can get me into trouble. But something inside of me said I couldn’t stay and that I needed to go home”.

Romy tells Nick she can’t stay in the mansion any longer.

Indeed, in what can only be described as a bizarre coincidence, Romy’s exit allowed her to be with her family in Brisbane when they needed her most – because just days after leaving the mansion, her dad had a stroke.

“I had to say goodbye to him that day,” Romy explains. “Thankfully he has amazing care and he’s trying really hard to regain his speech, but he’s lost all ability to communicate.

“He still has his intelligence but he can’t talk, read or write. That’s the difficult part. He’s a very well-articulated man and that’s what he’d pride himself on.

“But it’s very confronting teaching your dad how to read the word cat and dog”.

As one of the show’s villains – Romy, Cat and Alisha have all come under fire for stirring up trouble during filming – Romy admits the backlash has been difficult to deal with at such a traumatic time.

“I’ve had my moments, for sure. But thankfully I’ve got an epic family. The stroke has really put things in perspective,” she says.

But now Romy’s out of the running to win over Nick Cummins’ affections, there’s only one person she hopes will make it to the end – and that’s Brooke.

“She’s a legend, I love her. You can’t get a better girl than Brooke,” she says.

That said, the outspoken blonde is confident she could’ve won the final rose if she’d stayed in the competition.

“Despite what the audience have seen, both Nick and I know we have something pretty cool. I would’ve stayed towards the end, for sure, and maybe even won. Who knows?!”

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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