The Bachelor Australia

EXCLUSIVE: Romy and Cat talk Bachelor Australia, Bachelor in Paradise and moving on from being "mean girls"

They may be gone but they're far from forgotten.

By Chloe Lal
There are no two ways around it, Romy and Cat left The Bachelor Australia with the thorny crown of Australia's TV villains.
Their reign was toppled in an epic piece of television that saw Nick Cummins say goodbye, or in Romy's case – the now infamous walkout – to the entire Tripod.
And it can't be denied that many across Australia were happy.
From fans on social media, to Honey Badger's romantic hopefuls in the Bachie mansion, the consensus was that the Tripod were a bunch of "mean girls" and they had to go.
As we see with all reality TV eliminations, the moment contestants say goodbye, it is a full on media storm.
Talking to Cat and Romy was incredibly emotional and showed a brand new side to both of them!

After a scandalous season, it was time for Romy and Cat to face the music and own up to their actions.
But when Now To Love caught up with the eliminated Bachelor hopefuls, it was a very poignant reminder that reality TV might be the perfect remedy to a long day and our dream "water cooler talk" and the people on the show happen to be real life humans with very real emotion.
In the past few days we've heard Romy and Cat apologise for their actions – but there's still so much that's been left unsaid.
We've asked all the questions you wish you could've asked The Bachelor Australia's Romy and Cat.
Saying goodbye to Cat...
And Romy was a huge deal on the show.
Cat admitted to us that she was a huge fan of the show, " I went in for the challenge and I thought it'd be character building."
Known for speaking her mind, that recognisable signature grin is long gone. Today, the 24-year-old shared, "I've been told to kill myself. It's insane what people have been saying."
"I'm sorry if I've offended you. People have taken some of my comments the wrong way. But some of my comments were nasty and they were bad. I regret that. It's a small fraction of my personality. It's a shame you didn't see the other side of me."
"It was 169 hours for 1 hour episode."

All the times Cat and Romy shocked the nation

Romy, 30, echoed her friend, "Agreed, it was supposed to be different and fun. The thought of finding love is in the back of your head. But it's 50/50 chance."
"My cousin Sam Johnston had got a bit of backlash from his season. But I wasn't that familiar with the show and didn't realise how intense it would be."
TV villains tend to come out of an experience by putting the onus on "bad editing".
But the hardest thing for Cat and Romy was the friendships that they'd created with the people who were responsible for the editing.
Romy's cousin Sam is a Bachie alum.
The girls couldn't stress enough how close they became to the producers and crew.
Watching the final product has been a bitter pill.
"Rom and I were so close to them."
"Not being able to speak to them now that we're out is hard."
Romy told us, "Seeing how you were produced… You're like 'Oh really?'"
"I felt like I was dreading watching the show every week. It left such a bitter taste."
Romy and Cat were known to speak their mind.
The two aren't completely blindsided, after all they spoke their own words.
The pals told NTL they could see how they may be edited on the show, but they both shared that "we had some really nice moments. It's a pity you didn't see it at all."
The word "bullying" has been thrown around quite a bit.
Romy and Cat both own up to their actions but it's clear they had no idea things would have ended up as they did.
"To have found out that other girls had thrown me under the bus. I did have some great relationships in the house," Cat recounts, thinking about why Nick said goodbye.

As for Romy, many viewers assumed Cat going was a factor. But that couldn't be further from the truth.
"I hadn't planned [rejecting the rose]. It took me by surprise too. My hand literally wouldn't go up to accept the rose. It just didn't."
"It didn't make sense at the time. Fast forward 24 hours, I'm at home with my mum and dad. The next morning, dad's had a stroke overnight. He had a really bad aneurysm bleed – so I'm now saying goodbye to my dad."
Even if she took the rose, Romy now knows, "I would have been on the next plane home."
"Now he's brain damaged and he struggles to communicate. Had I not have gone then I wouldn't have had that opportunity. It was the universe stepping in."
"Nick doesn't know, and he's obviously with someone."
Oh Honey, what have you done!?
Romy and Cat have a lot of insight on the truth behind Cass and Nick's relationship, which you can hear about in the video below.
Despite everything, could Romy have fallen in love with Nick?
"Falling in love in that environment is just so difficult. It's manufactured, but spending time in day-to-day life… Maybe."
Cat, as we watched on TV, seemed to be less than enchanted by Mr Badger, but the unique environment did tap into her competitive side.
"You're living in this house with nothing else to do but talk about this guy. You almost convince yourself that there could be something there."
"Look, I gave it a red hot go… I bloody leant in for a kiss! AND FAILED!"
"In the end I just wanted to win," she laughs.

Romy was straddling two lines: One was that she liked him but she also couldn't help but be "cheeky".
After everything that's gone down, could the girls be friends with Nick?
Short answer: They don't know.
Cat says, "I don't know him that well. I don't have anything against him but I'd say hey."
Could we see the girls in the future, especially now that Bachelor In Paradise's second season has been confirmed!
Romy is a firm no.
"I'm not interested at all. That sort of dating thing on TV is too hard. It's too exposed. I haven't felt good leaving this process."
She would do something like I'm a Celebrity. Her main takeaway is no more "TV dating or cattiness!"
As for the queen of sass Cat, she's more than happy to channel a Keira get a chance to rebrand on something like BiP.
"Put more on an island with some cocktails and some legends… sign me up!"