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“All of a sudden this story and the history of his relationship with his family came out”: Jack Vidgen shares a heartbreaking confession about his life behind the scenes

The singer was just 14 years old when he was thrust into the spotlight.
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I’m A Celebrity‘s 2021 season has already given us plenty of unexpected and emotional insights into the lives of the Aussie stars – things we had no idea were going on behind the scenes.

In tonight’s episode, it was Jack Vidgen’s turn to spontaneously open up about his past, and one of his biggest regrets.

In an intimate discussion with fellow campmate Jess Eva, Jack delved into his family history – a past that’s filled with emotion and regret, he explained.

It all started with an off-hand comment: “I miss my mum,” he told Jess.

Inquisitive, Jess asked him what she’s like.

“Caring, loving, the most generous mum ever. She’s always worked three or four jobs just to keep a roof over our head,” he described.

That seemed to be the trigger, Jack then began crying as Jess mused later to the camera: “All of a sudden this story and the history of his relationship with his family came out.”

Jack broke down as he delved into his relationship with his mum.

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Describing what happened when he first rose to fame in 2011 after winning Australia’s Got Talent, Jack explained: “Our relationship has been hard over the years. Like when I won [Australia’s Got Talent] our dynamic completely switched and I was the bread winner.”

“The power dynamic with my mum being a single mum really changed”.

“There was nothing she could do but I felt like I was almost parenting myself. I have so much resentment now that I can’t control,” he said through tears.

Jess shared some comforting words with the 24-year-old singer.

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He added that the I’m A Celebrity jungle had caused those feelings to resurface.

“I think in here I’m just reflecting on how I wish I’d treated her better,” he added.

Ever the support, Jess comforted Jack, saying: “People that aren’t kind don’t wish that they’d treated people better”.

“There would not be a mum on this planet that wouldn’t be proud of your mate,” she later told the camera.

“You’d have the best teeth in the family!” She comically added, making Jack laugh.

Jack’s confession gave fans an emotional insight into his life behind the scenes.

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The emotional scene was undoubtedly one to remember, and provides another perspective on Jack’s life behind the scenes.

And perhaps more so than anything else, it serves as a reminder that not everything is rosey, despite what things might look like on the outside.

Jack’s vulnerability on the show is exactly what Australian audiences are responding to, and no doubt he’ll get plenty of admiration and support for his brave confession.

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