I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

"I'm emotionally invested in them all": I'm A Celeb premiered on TV last night, and Australia has a lot to say about the new cast

New year, same format, different strategy.

By Jess Pullar
When I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here Australia premieres on TV every January, a captivated, reality TV deprived audience awaits to watch with much vigour.
Yes, the show itself is filled with plot twists, ridiculous challenges, and moments we never thought we'd see play out on TV, let alone involving some of the country's beloved celebs, but that it does.
And usually, the people have plenty to say about it.
On Sunday evening, the show premiered its 2021 season, with a host of Aussie celebs - some of whom you'll definitely recognise in an instant, and some you might have to do a quick Google to find out (or, simply check out our cast list here).
In a whirlwind of helicopters and skydiving extravaganzas, we met our first nine contestants, with another set to be added to the ranks.
As they arrived at camp and met their comrades for the first time, the usual guessing game of who-knows-who was rampant.
Abbie Chatfield was a standout star of the premiere. (Network Ten)
But almost even more entertaining to watch was seeing how the cast, and the show's introduction played out on Twitter.
Yep, you can bet Australia took to the social media platform to voice their thoughts on everything - from Abbie Chatfield's beauty regime to the real icon of the show (this year, it's not Julia Morris or Chris Brown...).
Keep scrolling as we round up the best Tweets and memes from the premiere episode of the show.
It all started with a clear cut obsession with Abbie Chatfield, former Bachelor favourite and a queen of social media, so to say.
Then there was the small case of seeing Grant Denyer in a situation where he was not brushed up to the nines for once.
New recruit Toni Pearson also provided a bit of nostalgia.
Of course, the usual confusion over who some of the celebrities actually were was rife.
And a potentially friendship between Abbie and Paulini captured the attention (and hearts) of many.
Comedian Mel Buttle also made a strong impression to start with.
And there was a small reminder about our pal Jack Vidgen, who, to be fair, could have totally given J-Biebs a run for his money back in the day if he'd really pushed it.

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