I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Jack Vidgen shares the truth about his cosmetic surgery in a tense conversation on I'm A Celebrity

The Aussie singer bared all in a revealing chat with Real Housewives star Pettifleur Berenger.

By Jess Pullar
The I'm A Celebrity jungle holds plenty of secrets, but they all have a way of coming out in the end.
For Jack Vidgen, the youngest contestant on the 2021 season, the feat could not ring truer.
In a frank chat with fellow camper Pettifleur Berenger, the 23-year-old popstar bared all on the truth about the cosmetic work he's had done to his face, and refreshingly, fans now have an insight into why the young talent decided to do it all in the first place.
In the clip from tonight's upcoming episode (which you can exclusively view in the player at the top) Jack and Pettifleur share the conversation during an innocent gathering at the campsite.
The pair acknowledge each other, with Pettifleur noting how different Jack looked in person.
"You look so different in real life. So much more gorgeous," the Real Housewives star muses.
"I've lost like 10kgs," Jack replies, "And I've had heaps of filler."
He continues to explain: "I didn't have any lips, I used to try all sorts of things - fillers in the cheeks, fillers in the jaw, fillers in the nose, everything."
Clearly surprised, Pettifleur asks him, "Fillers in the cheeks!? Who talked you into doing that?"
Jack simply says: "Nobody, just myself."
Jack has a tense discussion with Pettifleur about the cosmetic work he's had done to his face. (Network Ten)
Jack looked a little different when he rose to fame back in 2011. (Supplied)
Jack then turns the table on Pettifleur, asking her if she's ever had any work done.
She responds with a resounding "No".
In a separate piece to camera moment, Jack is incredulous: "Really babe? Really?" He muses.
Back at the campsite, Pettifleur says she's just had a cap on one of her teeth, for medical reasons.
Jack is clearly a little apprehensive to believe her, later telling the camera in private: "I don't know if that one's gonna fly."
Pettifleur tells Jack she's had no cosmetic work done. (Network Ten)
In a revealing confession, Jack also adds why he has absolutely no qualms about cosmetic surgery, and why there should be no stigma, no matter how far someone goes.
"If someone's happy... and they look like a circus clown... if they're happy, they're happy," he simply says.
"If they're happy, they're happy," Jack says of people who get cosmetic surgery. (Network Ten)
Jack, who rose to fame after winning Australia's Got Talent in 2011, has had a whirlwind decade, seeing in plenty of change.
But some things never change - and it's clear Jack's intentions are as good as ever, no matter how different he looks.

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