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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Cathy slams claims by Josh’s mum that she’s a paid actor

''There's no shame for me to admit that I completed a degree but I can definitely say I haven't been an actor in Australia ever.''
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When old headshots of Married At First Sight‘s Cathy Evans popped up on the internet, everyone became convinced she was a paid actress.

Now explosive Facebook screenshots have been unearthed, which show Josh’s mum claiming Cathy is a paid actress who has been employed by producers to star on the show.

However in an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Cathy has hit back at the allegations.

Cathy has broken her silence on those acting claims.

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In the screenshots, Josh’s mum calls Cathy the “actress from hell” and alleges producers paid her as an actress, before adding that Josh was screwed over “big time.”

However, Cathy herself has told Now To Love that despite completing a performing arts degree in her youth, she has never acted professionally in Australia.

“I’m not going to deny that I did a performing arts degree but that was a degree should lead on to drama teaching,” she tells us, adding: “I was thinking of being the next Mr G from Summer Heights High!”

“There’s no shame for me to admit that I completed a degree but I can definitely say I haven’t been an actor in Australia ever. It’s a career choice I made so long ago as a teenager that when I became an adult and developed into a young woman after I finished the degree, I realised this is probably something I don’t want to do

Cathy then ended up going into a diploma of personal training and health and fitness confessing, “my career changed as I grew older.”

Cathy’s old headshots were found on her Instagram account.

(Image: Instagram @summertanx)

Josh’s mum and Cathy aren’t exactly the best of friends, as evidenced in her two appearances on MAFS after the wedding.

At the first family lunch, Cathy was reprimanded by Mandy and told: “don’t ever ignore my son again,” on numerous occasions and admitted to Now To Love that it felt like Josh had thrown her under the bus.

“I don’t feel cheated but actually the whole situation was a lot more intense and a lot more threatening in my opinion,” Cathy confessed.

“I’ve got friends there to vouch for it and they all said that was threatening because it was their best friend who the family was attacking.”

WATCH BELOW: Josh’s mum confronts Cathy across the dinner table. Post continues after video…

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She may not be a paid actress, but Cathy’s something of an influencer and has her own YouTube channel where she shares her beauty tutorials and previous dating horror stories.

The MAFS bride has been the contestant with the most followers on Instagram since the beginning and now boasts a whopping 118k followers on the gram.

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