Married At First Sight

REVEALED: The MAFS brides and grooms who got the biggest boost in Instagram followers

Numbers don't lie.

By Maddison Hockey
Whether they're doing it for love or really doing it for fame, there's no denying a quick trip down the aisle on national television is going to draw attention – and followers.
Drama on screen and even more off screen has Married At First Sight viewers scrambling for more, hopeful of snippets into the lives of the show's brides and grooms.
It's just a matter of time before these stars are serving #sponsored posts.
But which of them have gained the biggest following online so far, thanks to their stint on the show? We investigate!

Cathy and Josh

The couple have proved to be fan favourites (Image: Instagram)
Clearly couple Cathy and Josh are making waves outside the honeymoon pool scoring first and second place on the leaderboard of Instagram popularity.
With a 500+ percent growth since starting the epriments Cathy currently has 87K follows while hubby Josh has just over 65K.
Given their chemistry and all-round cringey cuteness since the wedding, it's no surprise they're fan favourites. For how long though, who knows...
Instagram: @summertanx / @joshyp_91


"Deep in thought about why my lips are so big from this angle. Must have ran into a beehive," Stacey captioned her post. (Image: Instagram)
The blonde bombshell's plastic surgery is what first got fans talking and flocking to the 25-year-old's Instagram. But, they've stuck around for the sassy and funny commentary, usually at her own expense, amassing to a huge 50.8K following.
Instagram: @staceylhampton

Tash and Amanda

The show's first same-sex couple, Tash and Amanda, have been turbulent since day one. Responsible for some of the biggest drama on and off screen – including Amanda publicly slamming Tash when spotted with a new girlfriend – it no wonder fans want to stay up to date with what's happening next!
Tash's following has reached 47.5K while Amanda is sitting at 39.1K.
Instagram: @tashherz / @amanda.m.micallef


Mikey's follower count is rapidly rising. Image: Instagram
Mikey's 10 seconds of fame has translated to a 41.9K following, obviously fans have been left wanting more of the groom.
Instagram: @mikeypembroke