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EXCLUSIVE: I’m A Celebrity’s Charlotte Crosby says “the only reason” she’d move to Australia is Ryan Gallagher

''What will happen will happen and I'm really excited to spend more time with him.''
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When we learned that British reality star Charlotte Crosby was joining the cast of I’m A Celeb this year, we knew it would be a season to remember.

The 29-year-old former Geordie Shore star brought a whole lot of fun and laughter to the camp, but after four weeks, she bid farewell to the jungle and was reunited with her on-screen love interest, Ryan Gallagher.

In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Charlotte reveals why she’s so proud of herself, despite feeling like a failure in the challenges and why her romance with Ryan is the only reason she’d move Down Under.

She made it four weeks, but Charlotte Crosby is out of the South African jungle.

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Congratulations on making it to the final week. How does it feel to be out?

Charlotte: Thank you so much. I’m quite proud of how far I got. I still can’t get over that I came so far, I would’ve loved to have been in the final, but I feel like everything happens for a reason. But now I get to still be in the final live show and celebrate with the winner, but I also get three days off to spend with my mum and Ryan and it’s going to be amazing, I’m so excited.

After a diet of rice and beans and some questionable animal parts, what was the first thing you ate once you were out of camp?

My meal was cheesy chips and gravy and I devoured it. It was gorgeous, I ate everything but then I felt really full and it’s really hard because you’ve been eating so little and then you get full so easily.

“I still can’t get over that I came so far.”

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You have your own weight loss DVD series but I’m A Celeb goes hand in hand with weight loss. How much did you end up losing?

I think it was eight kilograms, but I’m still not the skinniest I’ve ever been. In actual fact I’m like nine stone something and when I did the weight loss DVDs I was actually eight stone 12 (51.5kg), so the DVDs are still the best option for weight loss.

You faced some intense challenges and were the first contestant to yell “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.” Do you have any regrets?

I actually felt like a big failure in a lot of the trials because I said the line so many times! But I honestly couldn’t do what I was doing, it was so hard. I was either really scared or my body just wouldn’t let me do it. And then people would come back doing similar trials saying “Oh yeah I did it!” and that would make me feel even worse. That was one thing I felt like a big failure.

Your former Geordie Shore cast mate Vicky Pattison won the UK version of the show. Did you get any tips from her?

I didn’t, no. Maybe I should’ve, maybe that’s where I went wrong!

Charlotte confesses she “felt like a big failure in a lot of the trials.”

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Of course one of the biggest moments this season was your jungle romance with Ryan Gallagher. Was it good to be reunited with him?

Yes, he’s literally sitting on the bed opposite right now.

People have been saying the romance is fake as you have the same agent. What would you say to them?

I know people have said we have the same agent, but I’ve been with him for like five years and Ryan was only signed about a year ago.

It’s a funny story actually. I’m really close with my agent, seeing as I’ve been with him for so long and on his Instagram he shared a picture of Ryan holding his baby and I remember seeing it and I messaged him straight away and I said “Who the hell is this man? He is so gorgeous!” And he was like “It’s our new signing, he’s really nice.” This was late last year and he was really cagey about it and wouldn’t answer any more questions and I found it really strange.

And then I came over to Australia and said “Maybe we should all get together and have a bit of a night out?” And he kept putting it off saying “Ryan’s really busy” and it seemed like he was really against it. Then when I walked into the jungle I realised why because Ryan was in the jungle and he was saying that because he didn’t want us to meet up and tell each other.

Despite having the same agent, Charlotte and Ryan didn’t meet until they were thrown into the jungle together.

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Obviously, I can totally understand why people would say it’s a showmance because we’ve got the same agent- that’s what everyone in England says when that happens, but it wasn’t anything like that.

If I went in there for a showmance, I would’ve come out saying that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. If I was really riding on the coattails of having a showmance and being popular because of that I would’ve said “We’re moving in together, we’re getting married,” but I was really open and honest and made it no secret that I was really scared.

I wanted to take things really slow and I freaked out in the middle because I’d just come out of a serious relationship and I would’ve thought that people who follow us from Geordie Shore would know that I’m really open and honest and I’d never put on anything.

What will happen will happen and I’m really excited to spend more time with him.

You told Ryan to not come to Newcastle for you and uproot his life. Would you ever consider moving to Australia, not necessarily with Ryan?

The only reason I’d move to Australia is Ryan so yes I would.

WATCH BELOW: Charlotte confesses she wants something more with Ryan. Post continues after video…

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Everyone we’ve spoken to who’s been eliminated has been raving about Miguel Maestre. What makes him so great?

Me and Miguel were really close in camp, we were like little best friends, we literally had such a laugh. We laughed from morning to night and when Ryan left I was so glad I had that bond with Miguel, cause he was really there for us when Ryan left and I spent a lot of time crying.

People say that Miguel is so great because he just is. He’s just so funny- everything he says you can’t help but laugh at. He’s the most amazing man, he’s got so much love for his wife and his family, which I know everyone does, but the way he expresses it is so beautiful. I would really love him to win, but I can’t say that, because I love them all so much. I think they all deserve to win for their own reasons.

“We laughed from morning to night and when Ryan left I was so glad I had that bond with Miguel.”

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I think Dale [Thomas] has amazing views and really comes across how he feels and he’s the dark horse, he really should win. I think Cos [Cosentino] is really silent and deep and totally different to anyone in there and he’s worked so hard in his career, I think he deserves to win. I think Rhonda [Burchmore] is an absolute legend, Rhonda is my spirit animal and I think she deserves to win. And that’s it, that’s all of them in there!

They’re all lovely, I can’t fault any of them. They all deserve to win but obviously I’m closest with Miguel so I’d love to see him be King of the Jungle.

The I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! finale airs on Sunday night at 7.30pm on Channel 10

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