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From a VIP lounge to a dining room fit for families: Inside George and Laith’s House Rules transformation

See the suave and sophisticated new look!
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It was billed as the must-see House Rules transformation.

And this week, there was no doubt left as to why when the teams pulled up their sleeves to give best mates Laith and George an epic renovation.

The teams were tasked with giving Laith’s bachelor pad a suave and sophisticated look, for “distinguished gentlemen like them” and for the second week in a row it was Kimmy and Rhi who rose above the rest.

Judges Kyly Clarke, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Saul Myers were blown away by the Tassie twins efforts in the VIP lounge and kitchen.

“I am trying so hard to remember whether I have ever seen a room better than this on House Rules!” Laurence exclaimed after stepping into the VIP lounge.

Kyly agreed, adding: “It’s a standout, it really is. I love the use of the metal panelling which works so well with the rest of the space, it adds so much texture to a very black, dark colour.”

Meanwhile, Saul also liked what he saw, describing the VIP lounge as “incredible”.

“It takes so much guts to pull this off. I am really struggling to find a fault in this room everything has been done so nice, right down to the cabinetry which is perfect the way it is set in, the size, its scale.”

The judges awarded them top points and another $10k in prize money for their efforts.

Scroll on to see the full before and after pics of Laith and George’s renovation…

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Image: Channel Seven

Kitchen before

The kitchen underwent a dramatic transformation thanks to Kimmy and Rhi.

Image: Channel Seven

kitchen before 2

The kitchen before…

Image: Channel Seven

kitchen after

With the house rules calling for a masculine vibe, Kimmy and Rhi opted for dark tones.

Image: Channel Seven

living space

Mum and son team Lenore and Bradley were given the living room.

Image: Channel Seven

lounge after

The judges thought the “eclectic” space was the star of the house.

Image: Channel Seven

lounge 2 after

They thought the wall in particular was a unique idea that worked well.

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House Rules: High Stakes: Meet Laith and George

Image: Channel Seven

VIP lounge

Kimmy and Rhi were worried after Laith confessed he “hated black” but he soon changed his tune when he walked into their new VIP lounge.

Image: Channel Seven

living room before

There was much to be done here!

Image: Channel Seven


Dave and Tanya ruffled feathers when they chose to install this divider, but apart from a few finishes, the judges liked it, saying it set the tone for the whole house.

Image: Channel Seven

Dining room

Laith wanted a space where his family could come over and gather, and this hit the mark!

Image: Channel Seven


Laith and George’s bathroom was initially a bit underwhelming.

Image: Channel Seven

bathroom after

Thanks to plumbers Aimee and Kayne, the bathroom is now a modern and relaxing space.

Image: Channel Seven


There was a clean pallette for Tanya and Dave to work on in the master bedroom.

Image: Channel Seven

Master bedroom

While the judges thought the wallpaper on the ceiling was sophisicated and there were clever design elements, they didn’t feel the love in the room.

Image: Channel Seven

Ensuite before

Lenore and Bradley were tasked with overhauling the en suite.

Image: Channel Seven

Ensuite after

Judge Saul Myers thought the real winner in the room was the layout, but overall thought it was slightly boring.

Image: Channel Seven

hallway before

Laith and George’s hallway needed jazzing up.

Image: Channel Seven

Hallway after

The artworks were a risk, but one of the judges thought it paid off.

Image: Channel Seven

room before

There was plenty of potential in this underdone room.

Image: Channel Seven

george bedroom after

Although it was a nice room, George’s bedroom was critiscised by Kyly Clarke for “lacking texture”, while Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen slammed Tamara and Rhyce for ignoring the house rules of incorporating red.

Image: Channel Seven

Guest bedroom

The colours and texture got a big tick in the guest bedroom.

Image: Channel Seven

Laundry before

The laundry had the bare minimum.

Image: Channel Seven

Laundry after

George wasn’t a fan of the bi-fold doors and Tamara joked that Laith and George would never use the laundry anyway.

Image: Channel Seven

Study after

The study was at the centre of drama when Tamara and Rhyce were adamant they should put Laith’s degrees on the wall, while Tanya and Dave wanted to hang them in the bedroom. Overall, it felt a little under-styled.

Image: Channel Seven

George’s study

The judges praised Lenore and Bradley for bringing in plants to add colour contrast in George’s study.

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