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Inside the shattered fairytale marriage between Michael and Kyly Clarke – and how it all fell apart

The cricket star and House Rules: High Stakes judge’s high-profile romance wasn’t meant to be.

By Erin Doyle
As Australia's cricket captain and the stunning WAG and the accomplished interior designer who stood by his side, Michael and Kyly Clarke were unstoppable.
Living a glamorous life together during their 10-year relationship, the couple were at the centre of many enviable glances from fans.
But as the years wore on, their fairytale romance came crashing down.
Despite the joy of a stunning wedding and a beautiful daughter, the marriage was plagued with scandals and constant rumours of tension.
Here, Now To Love takes a look back at the former couple's journey together before the relationship's sad demise.
Kyly and Michael Clarke (both pictured) were once the golden couple of the cricket social scene. Image: Instagram

Humble beginnings

Although Michael and Kyly attended the same high school, Sydney's Westfields Sports High, their romance didn't gain traction until many years later.
Before striking up a romance with model Lara Worthington (nee Bingle), Michael had a false start with Kyly, who later become his wife.
"In 2007, before I began dating Lara, I introduced myself to Kyly at a bar in Cronulla. We reconnected over a drink, and as we left, I sent my best mate Steve Phillips to ask for her number," Michael wrote in his 2016 book Michael Clarke: My Story.
"She declined, saying I could come and ask myself. Now I was so embarrassed, I decided to leave it to chance, hoping we would bump into each other at another stage."
Luckily for the cricket star, Kyly sent him a message on Twitter following his split from Lara and the Kyly-Michael romance began to bloom.
WATCH: In happier times: Michael and Kyly Clarke speak candidly about how they started dating. Story continues below...
Kyly and Michael were together for 10 years. Image: Getty

A wedding fit for the king and queen of cricket

A passionate relationship followed and Michael and Kyly eventually exchanged vows in 2012 in front of just 70 friends and family in a private twilight ceremony in NSW bushland.
"Happiest guy in the world," a beaming Michael declared after tying the knot.
The newlyweds literally rode off into the sunset after the ceremony, with Michael leading a pony carrying his bride to the reception at Wolgan Valley Resort, which he hired for the four-day celebration at an estimated cost of $150,000.
"Luckiest woman in the world," gushed Kyly as she shared her joy on Twitter at the time.
The formerly loved-up couple tied the knot in 2012 in front of just 70 family and friends. Image: Supplied/ Bauer Syndication

A welcome addition

For a while, happiness continued for Kyly and Michael and the loved-up pair became parents for the first time when they welcomed daughter Kelsey Lee in 2015.
Kelsey Lee was born five weeks premature via emergency caesarean at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney just before Christmas, and an elated Michael told media soon after the birth, "It's happened a lot sooner than we expected but it is as exciting as I thought."
A pregnant Kyly pictured before Kelsey Lee's birth in 2015. Image: Getty
"Both Kyly and I are very happy and I wish our little girl was at home at our house but she's in great hands and she's being looked after well in hospital," Michael gushed at a press conference days after the birth announcement.
"It's obviously been a real special week for us."
Since then, Kelsey Lee has been the pair's top priority and they have both regularly shared snaps of their daughter over the years as well as thrown lavish affairs to mark important milestones in her life like birthdays and her baptism.
Despite separating, Michael and Kyly make Kelsey Lee their top priority. Image: Instagram

The headline-making scandal

Scandal hit in November 2018 when Michael made headlines for being photographed hanging out on a $16 million superyacht with a bikini-clad blonde, his former personal assistant Sasha Armstrong, while Kyly was notably absent.
While there's no suggestion that anything untoward happened between the pair, it was rumoured that Kyly hit the roof after the photos emerged.
"Of course she's annoyed by the images. What woman wouldn't be?" one cricket insider told Woman's Day at the time.
Michael and Sasha have worked together for almost five years, with Sasha starting out as Michael's assistant in 2014 and later becoming the executive director of his cricket academy.
Sasha Armstrong (pictured) was photographed on a super yacht with Michael while Kyly was no where to be seen - causing a stir in 2018. Image: Instagram

Rocky romance

By the end of 2019, rumours of behind-the-scenes tensions in the marriage were rife.
An insider told Woman's Day in December that Kyly's demanding new gig as a House Rules judge wasn't helping matters – especially since Michael now longer holds his high-profile and high-paying gig after retiring as captain of the Australian cricket team
"Kyly is feeling the pressure financially because she has had to step up and contribute to the family budget, while Michael tries to secure a regular media job or even a coaching role," the source said.
WATCH: Kyly Clarke appears as new judge in House Rules: High Stakes. Story continues below...

Secret split

After months of speculation the couple were on the rocks, their split was exposed by The Australian's Media Diary in February 2020.
"After living apart for some time, we have made the difficult decision to ­separate as a couple, amicably," Michael and Kyly said in a statement.
"With the greatest of respect for each other, we've come to the ­mutual conclusion that this is the best course for us to take while committed to the co-parenting of our daughter."
The publication reported the pair had gone their separate ways five months earlier and Michael had moved out of their $12million home in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Vaucluse in favour of their $8million Bondi residence.
Kyly scored a new gig as judge on House Rules, which caused tension before the couple's split. Image: Instagram

Moving on

Since calling it quits, both Michael and Kyly have been determined to keep tight-lipped about the cause of their marriage collapse.
However, they seem to have remained amicable as they co-parent Kelsey-Lee, and Kyly has recently shared an insight into her post-divorce life during an interview with KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O show in April.
"I mean it's weird because we basically see each other every day anyway so I don't even know it feels any different," Kyly said.
"Kelsey Lee is our priority, so we're just doing everything that is in her best interest. Her happiness is paramount."
Kyly added that she has no intention of reverting to her maiden name "Boldy" as she wants to keep the same last name as her daughter.
Meanwhile, rumours are swirling that Michael has moved on with P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards, however Pip has reportedly shut down the accusations.

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