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Foxy wow wow! Jo Mcpharlin is unrecognisable as she debuts jaw-dropping new look in the upcoming MAFS reunion

The epitome of Foxy!
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Back in 2018, audiences fell in love with the oh so relatable Jo Mcpharlin, aka Foxy Jojo.

Overnight, the hilarious, straight-shooting single mum-of-two became the country’s national treasure.

While she didn’t find love on season five of Married At First Sight with her on-screen husband Sean, Jo is set to make a dazzling return to our screens in the hotly-anticipated Marred At First Sight two-part all stars reunion episodes.

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And now, fans have been left doing a double-take after Channel Nine shared the first official cast photos this week.

Jo’s stunning cast photo, which showed the Adelaide-based reality star in a low-cut black wrap dress which she teamed with a pair of statement earrings and choppy, short blonde hair, was quickly inundated by fans who couldn’t quite believe how much she’d transformed since 2018.

“OH MY GOD!!! Drop-dead gorgeous!!! One of my favourites from all seasons,” one fan said.

“How amazing do you look, should be so proud of yourself! I had to look twice,” a second proclaimed.

“Yaaaasss girl!!! 😁You were beautiful either way but WOW what a way to make an entrance 🤚,” another explained.

One person noted: “u look so different, Jo!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.”

While a someone else joked: “Bet her ‘husband’ is spewing now person.”

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What a transformation: On the left, Foxy Jojo in 2018 and on the right in 2021 for the upcoming MAFS All Stars reunion episodes.

(Images: Channel Nine)

So, what is Foxy Jo’s secret behind her incredible transformation?

The mother-of-two has shared several videos to her Instagram account showing her have a treatment with a machine called MM Slim, which performs non-surgical lip suction.

She also credits overhauling her diet and cutting out sugary drinks and junk food.

“I’m just a flat-out mum of two busy kids, working three jobs and now being a lot more organised with my eating,” she told the Daily Mail in 2019.

“Instead of zipping through drive-thru takeaways after work [each night], I make food that I can freeze to reheat easily when I get home.”

Jo was matched with Sean but their pairing proved to be a flop.

(Image: Channel Nine)

However Jo insists she’s not a weight loss watcher and doesn’t own scales.

“I have no idea [how much weight I’ve lost], I haven’t had scales in my house for over 10 years now,” she explained.

“I just know that all my clothes fit so much better now. I’m still totally me, just a bit thinner.”

Since leaving the experiment, Jojo has dabbled in modelling for curvy women’s brand Kennedys Boutiques.

But despite her physical transformation, Foxy Jojo is all about body positivity and is a vocal advocate of women embracing their curves.

In a post on her Instagram page, the mum-of-two shared a meme that read, “Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will! Embrace your body!” accompanied by the equally empowering caption, “Hell yes this says it all #loveyourself #embrace #bodypositive #beenough #loveyourselfforwhoyouare.”

The MAFS Grand Reunion will air over two nights on January 31st and February 7th on Channel 9

Now THAT’S how you make an entrance! Foxy Jojo struts into the MAFS reunion ep.

(Image: Channel Nine)

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