Married At First Sight

Bow down to Foxy Jojo! Why MAFS bride Jo Mcpharlin is the best thing to happen to reality TV

Married at First Sight might be one of the most manufactured shows on our screens but Foxy Jojo is the breath of fresh air Australian TV needs.

By Bella Brennan
After last night's episode of Married at First Sight, there's only one name on the nation's lips: Jo Mcpharlin, aka Foxy Jojo.
Overnight, the single mum-of-two has become Australia's new national treasure.
Jo's no-filtered approach to jumping head and heart first into one of the most vulnerable situations a person can put themselves in is seriously inspiring.
"My end goal is to have the happily ever after. The fairy tale ending. That is my end goal," the 40-year-old said ahead of her wedding to Sean.
And while things didn't go entirely to plan, like when the groom proclaimed "oh shit" after first laying eyes on his bride, Jo couldn't have given a hoot.
Yep, while Sean was packing it in and giving her as much enthusiasm as a piece of drift wood, Jo was 100% committed to the social experiment.
"The experts have been spot on, he is for me! [He] couldn't have been anymore perfect," she beamed of her beau.
We're calling it, no matter what happens with her marriage - Jo's already won in our hearts. Now, how do we get her her own spin-off show?
To celebrate our favourite new reality TV star, we've rounded up her best MAFS moments!

When she arrived to her wedding in a horse-drawn carriage with her kids by her side

It's only fitting that our new Queen of reality TV gets the royal treatment and seeing Jo arrive to her wedding on a horse-drawn carriage warmed our hearts.
During their journey, Jo was the furthest thing from a nervous wreck and made sure to lap up her fairy tale moment.
"G'Day! Hello!" Jo yelled as she gave her best royal wave.
"We're all excited! Excited about our new journey we're going to embark on, hey," she told her two kids.
WATCH: Jo has the time of her life on the way to her wedding. Post continues...
Queen Jo has arrived!

When she rocked bejewelled thongs down the aisle like the goddess she is

Forget being a nightmare bridezilla, Jo's practical approach to tying the knot actually makes so much sense.
When her bestie Karen gifted her with a pair of bejewelled thongs, Jo couldn't contain her joy.
"They are like gloves, it's like my glass slipper! Oh my god," she squawked with pure elation.
"They're the bomb! Comfort is so important. I don't want to ruin my day because I can't walk and my shoes are squishing my feet."
["I'm] All about the thongs, all about comfort, or Crocs... the Aussie bogan," she explained as she let off her trademark laugh.
WATCH: Jo's joy as she's given a pair of sparkly thongs. Post continues...
The face of someone who couldn't be more stoked!

When she diffused the most awkward first meeting with her hubby Sean

Bar manager Sean did little to hide his disappointment over being matched with Jo but when you're as bubbly and confident as this single mum, there's no such thing as an awkward silence.
As Sean sweated bullets, Jo remained cool, calm and collected and broke the ice by asking him what his name was.
Foxy and fierce Jojo strikes again!
WATCH: Jo and Sean meet for the first time. Post continues...
Sean was packing it in, but Jo handled their awkward meeting like a pro.

When she referenced Kath and Kim during her dress fitting

Anyone who pays homage to the legends of Fountain Lakes is a winner in our books, say no more.
Watch the hilarious moment in the player below. Post continues...

When she coined our new fave word, kisseroonos

Something tells us this will be the first of many Jo-isms and we're here for it.
During her wedding photo shoot with her hubby, Jo was stoked about his smooching ability and quipped: "He is an amazing kisser. So good! He is the bomb with the old kisseroonos!"
WATCH: Jo and Sean smooch during their photo shoot. Post continues...

When she split beer on herself

Jo is all of us getting home after a big night and for that, we say thank you!
Jo was keen to explore the big hotel bed and without hesitation jumped on it with her beer in hand.

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