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Farmer Wants A Wife 2023: Are Matt and Olivia still together?

Is love still in the air?
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Farmer Wants A Wife has officially come to an end for 2023, but the connections made on the show did not end when the camera stopped rolling.

For Matt Young, 24, and Olivia Benic, 24, the Channel 7 show was only the start of their love story, with the couple confirming that they are still going strong!

Olivia was the winner of Farmer Matt’s heart.

(Image: Seven Network)

From their blind date, Matt was immediately smitten with Olivia, with her bubbly personality winning him over in a heartbeat.

After returning to the farm, Matt sensed that there may be a deeper connection between the two of them, leading him to choose Olivia for the first solo date at a local chocolate factory.

“It’s an amazing place where I’ve often gone with friends and family, and the fact I get to share somewhere so special with someone that feels really special to me as well is a beautiful bonding moment,” Matt commented about their date.

Their chocolate factory date was as sweet as can be.

(Image: Seven Network)

Despite some conflict with Matt’s other ladies causing a few small bumps in the road, their relationship continued to strengthen throughout the season, culminating in Matt deciding that Olivia is who he wants to spend forever with.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, Matt and Olivia admitted that they both knew early on that they would end up together, with the couple having to keep their cards close to their chest for the sake of the show.

“It was hard because we both wanted to respect the other ladies and the process, but it didn’t really coincide with how we would’ve lived our lives,” Olivia told Woman’s Day.

Despite knowing that each other was ‘the one’ early on in the season, Olivia believes that being forced to take things slow helped the couple to cement their connection.

“I think that made us really strong very early on, and that’s what helped us now with these new life challenges, such as moving and having new careers.”

The couple now live together away from the farm.

(Image: Seven Network)

Since filming, the couple has moved to Canberra full-time, following Matt’s decision to leave the farm to pursue a position with the Department of Agriculture.

While the couple are currently living the city life, Matt has no intention to stay away from the farm permanently.

“That is my future and where I see myself one day,” Matt told Woman’s Day, with his Bookham sheep and cattle farm still holding a place in his heart.

Matt and Olivia’s bond only strengthened throughout the season.

(Image: Seven Network)

In the weeks following the finale, Olivia took to Instagram to share not only her love for Matt, but for the other ladies on the show.

“It’s important to me that I recognise how brave and intelligent all of these women are,” Oliva wrote.

“Some of us got a funny cut here and there… however, elements of everyone’s intelligence, kindness, and courage always shone through.”

Olivia has settled in to life on the farm.

(Image: Instagram)

Now over six months since the conclusion of the show, Matt and Olivia are still very much in love, with the couple sharing their love with fans through a rare collection of heart-warming photos and videos on Instagram.

“Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Keen for many more memories ahead,” Matt wrote to Instagram alongside a photo of Olivia.

With applications for season 14 of Farmer Wants A Wife now open, the couple have also taken to social media to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

“I think now is a good time if any to chuck in your application,” said Matt, with Olivia adding, “I think it was very worthwhile for Matt and I to do [the show], even though it was a funny time … You might find your dream farmer.”

With the couple still going strong, we can’t wait to see their love blossom into the future!

WATCH BELOW: FWAW Matt and Olivia’s post-show update

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