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Matt confesses a final bombshell to Olivia and Annabelle during Farmer Wants A Wife

Will someone walk away?
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With just days left before Farmer Wants A Wife’s Matt makes his final decision, there’s no shortage of drama between him and his two ladies, Olivia and Annabelle. First, Matt drops a bombshell about his future, then Olivia makes a shocking revelation about her time on the farm.

Will one or both of Matt’s ladies walk away?

Matt must make his final decision.

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In Farmer Wants A Wife, Matt, Olivia and Annabelle leave the farm in Bookham, NSW for a trip to the city and celebrate their time in the country.

But before they go, Matt shared some news: he’s about to make a major life change that will have a big impact on whoever he chooses as his wife.

“I’ve recently been looking at jobs within the Department of Ag over in Canberra. I will be leaving the farm and moving to Canberra,” he said in Tuesday nights episode.

“It was definitely not expected,” Olivia, 24, admits to TV WEEK.

After Matt shares his news, Olivia goes quiet.

“It was definitely not expected.”

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“Generally I go a little bit quieter when I’m trying to think deeply about something,” she explains.

Once in the city, the four farmers get together for a catch-up, while the eight ladies do the same. Olivia has a talk to Sophie, from Brenton’s farm. She reveals that she and Matt have been “stealing” time together, having cups of tea and chats on the couch early in the morning and late at night.

“When the girls went to bed, I’d watch the news and it turned out that Matt had a keen interest in watching the news as well,” Olivia tells TV WEEK. “So he tended to come out and sit with me.”

She insists there were no sneaky kisses during their “alone time”.

“Unfortunately, Matt was a very good boy!” she says with a laugh.

When Matt, Olivia and Annabelle sit down to have dinner in the city together, it’s a chance for the ladies to ask each other any final questions that could help Matt make his decision. Annabelle chooses to raise the topic of “alone time”.

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What happens next leaves Olivia shocked. Annabelle called out Matt for giving in to Olivia’s tantrums despite sharing a solo date with her.

“You were comforting Olivia and I was in the room like, well, what are you comforting her for? You’ve kissed me, we’ve had a connection. Are you apologising? That was probably a pretty low act,” she said.

When Olivia stormed out of the dinner venue, furious by the conversation, Matt followed but admitted: “I feel like the reoccurring pattern of me making sure Olivia’s okay really does p— off Annabelle.”

Leaving both girls upset. Matt hoped that his actions “hasn’t put a nail in the coffin on both relationships at the same time”.

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