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Which Farmer Wants A Wife 2022 couples are still together?

It's good news for most of our couples!
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Farmer Wants A Wife‘s reunion special for the 2022 season was music to fans’ ears, with all three remaining couples revealing that they were still going strong since the finale.

But the couples haven’t been without their hardships since filming finished, with many farmers revealing long distance has taken a toll on their relationships.

However, with the reunion rumoured to have been filmed between April and May, many viewers are wondering if the couples are still together to this day.

Keep reading to find out the relationship status of Farmer Will, Ben and Harry.

FWAW 2022 has a new couple!

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Farmer Benjamin

Farmer Benjamin was unlucky in his search for love as he left the experiment following a “health issue.”

Despite Hannah being one of the girls to be sent home, it seems Farmer Benjamin has found love with her a year later.

The nature of their relationship was speculated for months, but the pair confirmed their relationship following a birthday tribute video.

“Happy birthday my darling ☺️❤️,” she captioned the video featuring all their cutest moments together.

To which Benjamin responded: “Well thank you very much… ❤️❤️ many many more memories to come. Love you”.

Ben said he and Leish have been in a long-distance relationship since the show wrapped.

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Farmer Ben and Leish – separated

Farmer Ben and Leish’s connection was palpable from the very beginning, and in the finale, Ben wasn’t shy about declaring his love for her.

“Leish, I’ve fallen madly in love with you, and I’d love for you to run away with me and start this next chapter of our lives together,” he said at the time. But where do the pair stand now?

Appearing on the reunion special, Ben said he and Leish have been in a long-distance relationship since the show wrapped.

“I’ve done a couple of trips to Brisbane and Leish has spent some time on the farm as well,” he said.

“I can tell you that we are still very much together, and we very much are in love. This is what I came on Farmer Wants a Wife for, and I’ve found love and I couldn’t be more happy.”

However two days after the reunion aired, Leish announced on social media that she and Ben had split.

“I am completely heartbroken to announce that sadly Ben and I have parted ways,” she wrote on an Instagram story. She continued to explain that the breakup left her “shocked” and “heartbroken” after she “tried everything” to make their relationship work.

Harry and Tess are more loved up than ever.

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Farmer Harry and Tess – still together

Farmer Harry and Tess overcame many obstacles, namely the late arrival of Bronte, to ultimately fall in love.

“If I’m honest, Tess, I’m in love with you, and I wanna be with you,” Harry told Tess in the finale.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailings for the couple, with Harry revealing at the reunion that doing long distance has been “difficult” and made him “a little bit anxious” so far.

“Right now, I’ve been doing all the compromising, and I hope in the future she’ll compromise for me,” he said, adding that the distance “sucks, because it didn’t quite align with what I was thinking.”

“I still call her up every day, call her up on the tractor or something. We do what we can and then we catch up on the weekends when we can.”

Harry and Tess have been spotted together several times in the months since the show finished filming.

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Harry then revealed that instead of Tess moving to his Victorian farm immediately, he’ll be taking “a cheeky gap year from the farm” and joining Tess on the Gold Coast.

“For him to make that decision and commit to it has been huge,” Tess said. “I do really love him for being so willing to move for me. I know that Harry’s making compromises for me right now, so I’m more than willing to do that in the future, because I do really love him.”

Despite the reunion being filmed months ago, it seems the couple are still together as of October! Harry and Tess have been spotted together several times in the months since the show finished filming.

“Tess and Harry have been attending events together as a couple since filming wrapped,” a fan told So Dramatic!

As of March 2023 and going by sweet snaps shared to their Instagrams, fans will be thrilled to know that this pair of love birds are still together.

Will and Jess haven’t spent a day apart!

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Farmer Will and Jess – still together

After declaring his love for Jess in the finale episode, Farmer Will received during the final that he and Jess “haven’t spent a day apart”.

“Since the final decision, we’ve really ran with it,” he said, revealing that Jess moved to the farm in Berriwillock, Victoria and “hasn’t left yet”.

“I think our relationship is just blossoming as each day goes by,” Jess said.

“We would never have crossed paths if it wasn’t for Farmer Wants a Wife,” Will added, “so yeah, I definitely owe the show a fair bit, I reckon!”

As of October 2022, the couple are still loved up and happier than ever! Jess told Sydney Confidential that she’s loving life in Will’s hometown of Berriwillock.

She revealed she joined the local netball team, took up a nursing job and a bar job at the local pub, in addition to her studies.

Over Easter, Will flew to Queensland to help Jess pack her car and move to the farm. “Our relationship has been accelerated the whole way. But I don’t feel like I’ve rushed into anything. Even though it comes across like that,” Jess said.

In January 2023, the couple even adopted a dachshund puppy they named Clyde into their family.

Farmer Wants A Wife returns to Channel 7 and 7Plus on April 14. Looking for something to watch before FWAW returns? Check out our TV Guide.

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