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Farmer Wants A Wife 2023: Who are the finale couples?

The farmers have chosen their wife!
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Farmer Wants A Wife has officially come to an end for 2023, with each of the remaining farmers deciding which of their final two ladies they will spend forever with on the farm.

After many weeks of getting to know each other, the finale episodes saw each farmer visit their ladies’ families during their home visits, with tough conversations leaving some questioning their future and others feeling more in love than ever.

With the country cupids officially working their magic, find out below who each farmer chose to be their future wife!

The farmers have made their final decision!

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Matt and Olivia

Olivia made a striking first impression on Farmer Matt, with her infectious laughter and bubbly personality making her a fan favourite throughout the season.

With the final decision looming, Matt did raise his concerns about whether a long-distance relationship would be possible for the two of them however, Olivia reassured him that she would not be hoping to keep their relationship long-distance for too long.

For Matt, long distance only made his heart grow fonder, with Olivia being his final choice.

Matt and Olivia are committed to making it work.

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David and Emily

As Emily’s first long-term relationship, her family were keen to meet Farmer David during the finale home stay.

During their final night together, Emily told David that her feelings had only grown stronger with time, confessing that she was falling in love with him.

Although Emily was unsure of his feelings before the final decision, David’s heartfelt confession proved that she was the pick of the bunch, with the apple farmer deciding that Emily is who he wants to spend forever with on the farm.

Love is in the air for David and Emily.

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Brad and Clare

Preschool teacher Clare had been a quiet favourite throughout the early stages of the season.

As the couple got more one-on-one time together, their romance began to blossom, with the pair having some of the most picturesque dates this season.

Although the couple had a few minor bumps in the road in the latter stages of the season, their connection couldn’t be broken, with Brad admitting that he had fallen in love with Clare.

Clare is on her way to Cootamundra.

(Image: Seven Network)

Brenton and Sophie

Sophie had been a clear front-runner throughout the season, with Brenton letting slip in the early episodes that he was always going to pick her for the first solo date as soon as he saw her application.

Their love only continued to grow as their time on the farm went on, with Sophie quickly taking farm life in her stride.

In the final decision, Brenton confessed to “the most beautiful girl [he’s] ever seen”, telling Sophie that he had fallen in love with her.

Brenton knew from the start that Sophie would be the one for him.

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