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EXCLUSIVE: FWAW’s Andrew and Claire on falling in love on the farm

'We can't wait to start a family.'
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There were certainly a few bumps along their path to happily ever after, but Farmer Wants A Wife couple Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders have never been happier.

After meeting the hopeful women vying for his heart, Andrew knew from the get-go that Claire was the only one for him – and thankfully, she shared his feelings. 

Claire and Andrew are engaged!
(Image: Instagram)

Nearly a year after exiting the show, Andrew and Claire are officially engaged! 

“𝟷𝟽~𝟶𝟹~𝟸𝟺 🤍” the pair captioned the Instagram post. 

In May 2023, the giddy pair shared their loved-up life together in their first photoshoot as a couple on Andrew’s farm in Narromine, NSW. In celebration of their engagement, we take a trip down memory lane to discuss their love story.

Love is in the air for Andrew and Claire.

(Image: Woman’s Day)


“We have a nice positive thing going here and it is good to finally get to show the world our happiness,” Claire, 37, told Woman’s Day at the time. 

Although the mine truck driver admits that on the night that Andrew chose her, she originally thought that she might have been heading home.

“I really didn’t have a clue that was going to happen,” she said.

“I got to the farm and there was a letter on the bed, and it said, ‘Meet me out the front, we need to talk.’ I thought I was going home, so I didn’t expect that, it was nice.”

For Farmer Andrew, 41, there was never any question that Claire was the one for him, revealing that he knew from “pretty early on” in the season she would be his final choice.

“The girls left the farm before me to head out to the country ball, and I knew with that time away that I wanted to see Claire again,” Andrew gushed.

“I knew that something was changing, and I was looking forward to seeing her again.”

Throughout all the ups and downs, Andrew knew early on that Claire would be the one for him.

(Image: Woman’s Day)


While it was early days for the couple, they began taking about children early on – with the pair adding that they even hope to start their family with double the trouble.

“It would be nice to have twins first up and then see what would happen after that,” Claire giggled.

“We’re approaching it with the mindset of, let’s enjoy one another first for a period of time and make memories of our own, and if things keep evolving in a positive manner, then that’ll come,” said Andrew.

But they’re getting plenty of parenting practice in with Claire revealing that they recently adopted an orphaned joey together. 

Claire’s dogs are settling in just fine!

(Image: Woman’s Day)


As soon as Andrew made his final choice, the pair began making plans for Claire to move to Narromine.

First on their list was getting Claire’s dogs and horses brought up to the farm from her home in Tasmania – who, much to her delight, have naturally taken to farm life, as has Claire, who has been busy helping Andrew look after his new flock of adorable poddy lambs.

“It’s all falling into place nicely,” said Andrew, with Claire adding, “We’ve got a great life here.”

The couple are ready for their future together.

(Image: Woman’s Day)

Happily settled into their farm life together, Claire took to Instagram to share the couple’s love with her followers.

“Hey ya’ll we are really happy..! We laugh, joke and literally spend most of our time together because we are best mates ♥️,” Claire wrote alongside a sweet selfie with Andrew.

Claire has also not been one to shy away from the farms dirty work, rolling up her sleeves and working alongside Andrew to assist in the day-to-day running of his crop and sheep farm.

“I got the important job today!”

(Image: Instagram)

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