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Dancing With The Stars’ Phil Burton talks body aches – and his “incredibly supportive” wife

‘It’s really intense'
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Anyone who’s seen Human Nature perform knows that Phil Burton can dance. But that doesn’t mean he’s found Dancing With The Stars easy.

“It’s all about using muscles and techniques that you’ve never used before in your life,” Phil, 49, tells TV WEEK. “So I may have got the steps and the rhythm down quickly, but from there, I was like a toddler learning how to walk.”

Phil (front left) in Human Nature.

(Image: Supplied)

Although Phil and partner Ash-Leigh Hunter wowed the judges with their paso doble, Phil says getting his body into a “banana pose” and then holding it was “so awkward”. He’s still feeling it, long after filming finished on the show.

“Now and again the back still goes, ‘Oh, remember what you did a few weeks ago?'”

Body aches aside, Phil has loved the DWTS experience.

“I felt like it would be something that would be such a joy to be a part of,” he says. “Turns out I was absolutely right.”

Phil has loved the DWTS experience.

(Image: Supplied)

It’s been more than two years since Phil and his wife Justine decided to leave Las Vegas, where Phil performed with Human Nature for 11 years, and move back to Australia with their kids Willow and Xavier. He says he’s “definitely” happy with the decision.

“We always knew in the back of our minds that we’d be coming home eventually,” he says.

Phil is loving all the “clichéd” things about being back in Australia.

“I’m standing here talking to you looking out from my bedroom window and there’s this gorgeous view of the bush,” he says. “The beach is 20 minutes away, there’s great coffee a five-minute walk away…”

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Willow and Xavier have inherited their dad’s love of music, with Willow, 14, into musical theatre, and Xavier playing drums.

“He’s got real good drummer hair as well,” Phil says with a laugh. “He’s only nine, but he wants to put together a rock band.”

Phil says the whole family were excited about him going on DWTS, especially Justine, who was “more excited than me”.

“It’s a really intense time,” he says. “You’re dancing with someone for six or seven hours a day – and even when you get home, you’re probably very distracted when it comes to helping out around the house. My wife has been so incredibly supportive.”

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