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EXCLUSIVE: Human Nature share behind-the-scenes secrets from their Neighbours cameo with Holly Valance

Phil Burton reflects on THAT iconic appearance.
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The late 90s and early 2000s – what a time to be alive.

Before the influx of influencers and the never-ending dating reality TV shows, the entertainment world was dominated by boy bands and iconic Australian soaps like Neighbours and Home and Away.

And when the two of them collided – like when Human Nature guest-starred on Neighbours? Well, that’s just TV magic.

Speaking to Now To Love almost 20 years on from his band’s appearance on the long-running soap, Human Nature’s Phil Burton recalls his memories of his time on the show (watch their scene in player above).

“The Neighbours cameo! We went down to Melbourne to film that and we performed He Don’t Love You at the Erinsborough High year 12 formal,” Phil, who will be performing at Crown Melbourne in December, laughs.

Human Nature pictured in 2001.

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“That’s pretty cool though to look back at. Neighbours is such an iconic show. To say that we appeared on an episode of it is pretty cool. We can say ‘we did that’ to the grandkids.”

Human Nature appeared alongside some of the most famous actors in the show’s history, including Daniel Macpherson, Madeleine West and Holly Valance.

But Phil says it was the latter who helped propelled them into finding success in the UK.

All grown up! Human Nature have moved on from their boy band days.

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“The record company spoke to Channel Ten and there was a way of us getting it reciprocated – by us going on Neighbours, Holly Valance then was in our video clip for He Don’t Love You in the UK and she was a very big name at the time in the UK,” he explains.

“So that helped us because the video clip came out in the UK and people were talking about it because Holly was in it and it actually went top 20 which is still our biggest hit ever in the UK.”

Neighbours star Holly Valance made a cameo in their He Don’t Love You clip, garnering them attention in the UK.

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Since forming in 1989, Human Nature has chalked up three decades in the cutthroat music industry – a feat in itself – and will be inducted into the ARIAs Hall of Fame next week.

Despite the band’s impressive achievements, Phil jokes there are still moments he looks back at and cringes.

“At one point tried to dye my hair, like I tried to get it a bit blond and it went ginger. You can see that in the Wishes video clip. I look back and go “What was I thinking?” he says.

The 90s were also an arguably questionable time for fashion, with Phil adding: “The suits with the collars popped out and the little lapels, the sleeveless shirts and ripped jeans – all that sort of stuff you look back and cringe a little bit but without that, we wouldn’t be where we are now. You’ve still got to look at it with a little bit of pride as well.”

WATCH: See Phil’s hair dye fail in Human Nature’s Wishes film clip. Story continues below…

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Human Nature’s original line-up has stayed the same throughout their entire 30-year history and Phil credits their strong friendship, which began before they started the band as being the key to their success.

“We do get sick of each other but again, that’s another thing. You know when someone needs space,” he says, but says they’re always able to bounce back and it hints the band may end if one member was to quit.

“I guess the analogy of it is is if someone’s sick on stage, then we’re able to cover for that but if someone can’t even talk then we have to cancel the show. It’s an interesting one, I think the four of us know we’re better together than we are separate.”

Human Nature are performing Christmas At The Palm in Melbourne from December 10 to December 15. Tickets are available from ticketmaster.com.au

Industry stalwarts! Human Nature are about to be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

(Image: Supplied)

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