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Ciarran Stott says despite cheating scandal, he wants to have babies with girlfriend Ruby NOW!

''I'm just a guy that wants to be loved.''
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Ciarran Stott has admitted that he wants to have a baby with girlfriend Ruby Burciaga despite cheating on her on reality TV show The Challenge.

Introducing himself in the premiere episode of the show, Ciarran said he had ”changed’ and was committed to his partner, reassuring audiences that they wouldn’t see a repeat of his controversial behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise.

But it didn’t take long for Ciarran to get hot and heavy with fellow contestant Audrey Kanongara in the show, where they ”fooled around”.

Ciarran has posted many a happy snap to his Instagram with girlfriend Ruby, but is all forgiven?

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After Ciarran came to his senses and put the antics to a halt, he confessed to the camera in a diary like confessional that he had ”no idea what he had done” and was ”really sorry”.

”Hopefully you don’t leave me and we stay together,” he spoke to the camera.

Fast forward a few more episodes and producers have let Ciarran video call girlfriend Ruby, who surprisingly already knows about his faux pas.

It seems that the the duo have left the drama from The Challenge behind them….

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”A fake account messaged me on Instagram telling me what you had done,” Ruby tearfully admitted.

”I’ve been messaging you about getting married and wedding dresses…”

Ciarran then interrupts: ”It’s the one mistake that I have ever made in my life babe, I’ll commit to you in any way you want possible, I’ll do anything. I love you, I wanna be with you, nothing has changed in that regard. I just want to win this money and give it all to you, I just want to fix this.”

”I can’t imagine not being with you, it hurts.”

WATCH NOW: Ciarran Stott sniffs suspicious white powder substance from friends back. Article continues after video.

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The cheating fiend then speaks directly to the camera: ”Me and Ruby are going to try for a baby next year, we are going to move to Bali, the 200 thousand [prize money] will help me bring a child into this world no qualms.”

”It was heartbreaking that I couldn’t tell her what I had done myself, but now I’ve got to deal with the consequences.

”I’m just a guy that wants to be loved, I’m holding onto the hope that I can fix this relationship.”

The pair are as loved up as ever, recently appearing at Sexpo together.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

And whilst money doesn’t solve everything, we know it does help.

Ruby confirmed to our sister publication New Idea recently that the pair were ”actively working” on their relationship.

”We are still working on having complete trust in our relationship, it takes time and a lot of patience and commitment but if I didn’t feel like we could get back to that place again then we probably wouldn’t have stayed together,” Ruby said.

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