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EXCLUSIVE: The truth about Bachelor in Paradise’s love rat Ciarran Stott!

He was messaging other girls while he and Kiki were together!
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Ciarran Stott and Kiki Morris enjoyed a short but sweet romance on Bachelor In Paradise.

And while it looked like the couple were living a life of luxury in the weeks after the show wrapped, a source tells Woman’s Day things very quickly turned sour.

After Ciarran, 26, quit his job in Darwin and moved to Sydney to be with Kiki, 32, he was keen to keep living the high life.

“He wanted to go on a big holiday in Bali,” the source reveals.

“She wasn’t sure about the whole thing – she was paying rent and didn’t want to take time off work – but he convinced her. Then she ended up spending heaps of money on this huge Bali party!”

Ciarran Stott has been slammed by fans for his behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise this season.

(Image: Channel 10)

He and Kiki were together after the show finished, but he quickly split.

(Image: Channel 10)

The pair split shortly after, with Ciarran moving in with his best friend Timm Hanly, and Kiki went on to discover he’d been messaging other girls while they were together.

“She was so upset.”

Kiki was “so upset” by the rumours that Ciarran was messaging other girls while they were together.

(Image: Channel 10)

WATCH BELOW: Ciarran gets angry at Matt for not asking permission to take Renee on a date.

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