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Who is The Bachelorette’s resident cheeky chap Ciarran Stott?

We knew we could expect good things from someone who described himself as a sexual Willy Wonka.
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When we first met 25-year-old Ciarran Stott in the Bachelorette premiere, we had a feeling this guy would be more of a class clown than a Prince Charming.

But it turns out the ex-army rifleman could be a frontrunner and his cheeky antics have certainly won Angie over.

Originally from Manchester in the UK, Ciarran currently lives up north in Darwin and describes himself as “fun, flirty, flamboyant and fabulously British”.

When he met Angie during the premiere episode and she complimented his bright red suit, Ciarran remarked that he looked “like a sexual Willy Wonka” and to be fair, he has a point.

He then went on to twerk for Angie and hey, it’s more original than flowers or chocolates.

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Check out that swagger!

(Image: Network Ten)

The ex army-rifleman also isn’t shy about his past and has already confessed to Angie that he used to be a dancer in Darwin’s leading gay nightclub, Throb and had a nose job in 2018.

“I used to dance in a gay bar.., with, like, drag queens. It was carnage, but it was so much fun!” he told Angie during some private time together.

“He’s not gay but has always been the centre of attention and loved being up on the stage,” a source close to Ciarran told The Daily Mail.

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“He’s not gay but has always been the centre of attention and loved being up on the stage.”

(Image: Instagram @ciarranstott)

“Well I had a nose job last year. I was proper self conscious about it,” he told Bachelorette Angie.

“So I got it all trimmed down and looking nice and schmick… the ladies love it now,” he added.

When Angie remarked that it’s “a nice looking nose now,” Cirarran joked: “Well it should be for the money that I paid for it!”

Fan account Bachie Funny even dug up some old photos of Angie’s suitor and we still reckon he looked good!

What a transformation!

(Image: Instagram @bachiefunny)

Acording to The Daily Mail, Ciarran applied for the show after learning that his ex-girlfriend, Renne Barrett, was going to star on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor.

“As soon as he found out she’d been cast on Matt’s season and was about to start filming, he decided to get on The Bachelorette,” the insider revealed.

“Casting producers were aware of this and it definitely helped his cause. His friends are saying he mostly went on to get back at Renee.”

WATCH: Actual footage of Ciaran dancing in a nightclub in Darwin! Courtesy of Instagram Bachie Funny. Post continues after video…

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In an episode preview, Angie and her former Gogglebox co-star Yvie Jones take a selection of the boys to a life drawing class where Ciarran gladly takes his kit off and models for the group.

And the Mancunian wastes no time, immediately stripping off for the group leaving the rest of the Bachelors in stitches.

“I didn’t know what was funnier- Angie’s discomfort, the other boys chuckling, or the guy who just kept standing there completely naked!” Yvie told TV WEEK.

He sure is one to watch!

He’s not a shrinking violet, that’s for sure!

(Image: Network Ten)

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