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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Cathy Evans has officially moved on with a brand new man!

She's been swept off her feet! Josh who?
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Cathy Evans is a woman in love!

With the dust finally settled after the explosion that was her MAFS marriage to Josh Pihlak, the bombshell tells NW she’s meet the man of her dreams in hunky cop Richard!

“I think I fell in love with every aspect of Ritchie’s being – he is so supportive and believes in me, and that makes me so excited,” says Cathy, who also shares the very first photo of her and her man with us.

Although the couple have only been dating for three months, wedding bells are already ringing.

“I want a big Thai wedding with loud drums,” the make-up artist gushes.

An insider also adds: “Cathy is super-proud of her heritage and wants to celebrate it – it’s something the organisers of her MAFS wedding failed to do.”

While Cathy, 26, is keeping mum on any more details about the big day, she does confirm she sees a very happy future with Ritchie.

Cathy shared this exclusive new photo of herself and her new man Ritchie.

(Image: NW)

Cathy says she learned how she deserves to be treated.

(Image: NW)

Congrats, Cathy! Tell us everything about you guys!

Life has been better than ever. I found an amazing partner. It took an experience like MAFS to make me realise what I want in a partner and what I expect in a relationship.

How did you meet?

We met in early 2019. First we started talking on a dating app and it wasn’t long after that we went to the beach and went for a ride on his Harley. We stopped seeing each other due to personal reasons.

I guess he kind of lingered in my head, and we caught up a few weeks after Josh and I left the experiment.

Did he watch you on MAFS?

Yes, he thinks I’m funny with my facial expressions. I had to ask him to leave the room if there was an intimate moment with Josh.

Cathy says marriage and babies are definitely on the cards for her now.

(Image: NW)

The 26-year-old looking stunning during our exclusive photoshoot.

(Image: NW)

Get it girl!

(Image: NW)

How do you know Ritchie’s The One?

I’ve hit the jackpot! He gets me and everything feels so natural. It’s easy.

Is he babydaddy material?

We see a future together and are already thinking about what suburb we would buy or build a house in. And kids will happen. No dates yet, but stand by!

WATCH BELOW: Cathy plays Never Have I Ever. Story continues after video.

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Has he met your family?

Not yet as my family live in NZ. I have met his family and my God, was it smoother and much more welcoming than the last ex’s family get-together!

Can we expect any big announcements soon?

Well, maybe… But you’ll have to ask Richard, not me!

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