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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Josh admits he "made mistakes" during failed relationship with Cathy

''Mate, I’m only human."'

By Helen Vnuk
It started so beautifully for Josh and Cathy on Married At First Sight but ended so disastrously. Josh is willing to take some of the blame.
"Look, I definitely made some mistakes along the way," he tells TV WEEK.
"Maybe I shouldn't have said some things to my mum. But mate, I'm only human."
"The show has made me look at a lot of things that I need to work on and I'm still continuing to work on them because I do want to be a good partner for whoever I end up with."
Josh says he had "such a great connection" with Cathy at the start, and watching his wedding again on the show was "beautiful."
"I messaged her straight after the wedding," he reveals.
"I said, 'How nice is this to look back on?' and I got nothing from her. I feel like she's just held a grudge against me and it's sad. I had some great memories with her, some that I'll remember forever."
Josh (right) admits to TV WEEK that he made some mistakes during his marriage to Cathy (left). Image: Channel Nine
He says he's currently single.
"I've gotten a lot of inbox messages, but it's just been a bit overwhelming for me, so I haven't opened anything."
So what's up next for the industrial operator from Newcastle? Viewers saw him serenade Cathy, playing her an original song on his guitar. A musical career, maybe?
"That, for me, is a hobby," he says. "I haven't thought about trying to make anything out of it. That's my stress relief. I get home after a bad day and I either jump on my Harley or I write a song."
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"I feel like she's just held a grudge against me," Josh says of Cathy. Image: @summertanx/ Instagram
However, now that he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, he's planning to do some good. He wants to get involved with charity work – in particular, anything to do with motor neurone disease.
"I had a cousin who was only 33 who passed away last March from motor neurone disease. He had a young family. So that's something that I want to definitely help out, for sure."
Josh confirms he's now single after the failed match. Image: Channel Nine

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