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Bachelorette’s Carlin Sterritt snaps back at fans still claiming he went on the show for fame

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From the moment he first stepped out of the limo and into the mansion on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019, eventual winner Carlin Sterritt’s motives for going on the show were called into question.

When it was uncovered the 31-year-old had a career in modelling and acting, fans became suspicious, and rightly so.

But, having gone on to win the show and date Angie for much longer than many other Bachelorette couples have lasted, you’d think the accusations would have died down now.

Think again.

After gossip podcast So Dramatic! shared a catalogue featuring the reality star, one fan was quick comment: “I WeNT oN For LoVE.”

But, Carlin wasn’t having it and immediately snapped back.

“I went on for the adventure and found love, there’s a difference,” he responded before adding: ” ‘I worked with Harvey Norman on the previous Christmas catalogue too. Just FYI.”

Carlin’s motives were questioned from the start.

(Channel Ten)

While on the reality dating series last year Carlin kept his career choice hidden from Angie, which made fans all the more dubious about a possible quest for fame.

But, chatting to TV WEEK about the decision, Carlin explained his intentions were only good.

“I didn’t want to talk about acting and modelling, because I never wanted Angie to question my sincerity.”

“I tried to be myself and as genuine as possible.”

Speaking to fellow reality star Sophie Budack of Big Brother fame for her podcast series, Carlin again spoke about claims he was “fake”.

“This show, it’s you, you’re putting yourself out there… I’m not portraying a character.”

Carlin’s moved on with a new woman.


Just this week, five months after his split from Angie, Carlin confirmed his new romance.

“It is early days,” he told Confidential.

“Would I settle down? That is a loaded question. I would say I am happy to invest my time in to sharing my life with someone but settling down, I’ve settled down before and I am definitely not ready for that yet.”

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