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Brittany Hockley addresses months of rumours she split from Jordan Thompson: “We said goodbye for good”

''There have been days I didn’t get out of bed, there have been days I didn’t stop crying.''
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Former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley has revealed that she and boyfriend Jordan Thompson have split, ending months of painful speculation.

The 32-year-old shared details of the recent break up and pointed out how difficult it was to maintain a healthy relationship with her tennis player ex with so many rumours surrounding their romance.

Brittany Hockley revealed that she and boyfriend Jordan Thompson have split.

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“There has been some speculation for a little while about my relationship with Jordan,” Brittany confessed in a new episode of her Life Uncut podcast with fellow Bachelor alum Laura Byrne.

“I’ve kept very quiet about that for a multitude of reasons … He came back for a really short period over the summer.”

During the last few months the couple were, in Laura’s words, “sorting out their s—t” and making decisions about their future, but the speculation around their relationship only put more strain on Brittany and Jordan.

“It was hard, because there were a lot of ‘reports’ that we had broken up a long time ago,” Brittany continued.

“It was really tough to know that we were here, being together and just because we hadn’t put an Instagram up people were making up stories.”

Brittany added that Jordan “hates” social media and while she did include him on her accounts from time to time, she always respected his desire for privacy. After all, a relationship doesn’t have to be plastered across Instagram for it to be a happy one.

Due to 27-year-old Jordan’s tennis career that means he spends months abroad every year, the couple were also unable to spend as much time together.

Sadly, it was during one of Jordan’s brief returns to Australia that he and Brittany had a serious conversation about their future and whether the relationship could continue.

“A few weeks ago now, some of you might have seen, I dropped him to the airport. He was going back for the next year of travel,” Brittany revealed.

“We said goodbyes, but we actually said goodbye for good.”

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The 32-year-old was overcome by emotion, she and Laura both becoming tearful as they discussed how “difficult” the break up had been on Brittany, especially with social media followers “demanding” she share more than she was ready to.

Laura urged listeners to give Brittany the space and privacy to work through her emotions and get to a place where she’s ready to speak openly about the relationship ending.

“There have been days I didn’t get out of bed, there have been days I didn’t stop crying,” Brittany confessed.

“There is not a story here. There is nothing that happened. It is the most beautiful and amicable break up … we’re at a point of life where we couldn’t physically be together.”

The couple were long-distance most of the time, making the relationship hard to maintain.

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Brittany’s emotional update raises an important question about how much privacy influencers and public figures are afforded when it comes to deeply personal things like relationships.

While the former Bachelor star said the split came down to the fact that she and Jordan had to spend so much time apart due to his tennis career, it’s clear that the public speculation around her relationship had an effect on her.

While there’s no way to prevent public interest in stars and their romances, Brittany made it clear that the “demands” for personal information about her and Jordan’s relationship only caused her more heartache.

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