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Bride & Prejudice’s Tori and James never thought they’d conceive

''Our miracle baby!''
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It was love at first sight for Bride & Prejudice couple Tori and James, but Tori’s well-to-do mother Mary-Ann thinks her daughter can do much better than her tattooed tradie husband-to-be.

But, given what the pair have been through as a couple, Mary-Ann’s disapproval isn’t likely to do much to derail their loving relationship.

Before the birth of their daughter Olivia, who’s now three, Tori suffered an ectopic pregnancy, and the fact she was even able to fall pregnant afterwards came as a huge shock.

“It [the ectopic pregnancy] was horrible,” she tells TV WEEK. “After having the surgery on my ovaries, I thought we might not be able to have kids.”

Tori and James have signed on to Bride and Prejudice.

Tori, 28, and James, 34, decided they’d look into IVF if that was the case. But two months post-surgery, she discovered she was pregnant with Olivia. Understandably, the pair were overjoyed to learn the news.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen James so excited,” Tori says. “He was like a puppy. He was crying and was so happy.”

As for Mary-Ann, Tori isn’t hopeful her mother and James will be able to resolve their differences. And her own relationship with her mum isn’t much better.

Mary-Ann believes their love isn’t enough for a happy marriage, and doesn’t think James is a good fit for their family now or in the future.

“I love Victoria with all my heart – it’s unconditional,” she says. “I only want the very best and happiness for her, but I don’t believe that’s with James.”

Tori and James are doting parents to little Olivia.

Mary-Ann admits she’d rather see her daughter alone than with James.

“The fact that she’d rather my family be split up and me be alone than be with the father of my daughter is a bit full-on,” Tori says of the family friction that’s dogged her time with James. “It’s sad.”

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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