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Bride-to-be accuses her fiancé’s mother of kidnapping her daughter in wild new Bride & Prejudice promo

The explosive reality TV series is set to return.
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If you thought your family dynamics were bad, spare a thought for the couples grappling with dysfunctional relationships with their in-laws on Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Weddings.

The Channel Seven reality series is set to return to season three, and in the first-look promo, the family conflict looks to be even wilder than last year.

Enter Codie-Lea and Nathan: they’re head over heels in love with one another but Nathan’s mother Laurelle is not a fan of Codie-Lea.

But that’s not even the worst part – in the promo, Codie-Lea accuses her future mother-in-law of crossing the line.

“When Star was three weeks old, Laurelle kidnapped my daughter,” Codie says in a piece-to-camera.

Laurelle seems to have a different view of the incident and it seems as though this may have been the cause of the rift.

“Nathan asked me to look after Star that day but he has chosen to side with Codie,” Laurelle explains.

Codie-Lea accuses Laurelle of “kidnapping” her daughter.

(Image: Channel Seven)

The couple’s wedding is fast approaching and Nathan wants to repair the rift with his mother

In an emotional face-to-face, Nathan, with Codie-Lea by his side, says, “We’re going to get married in three weeks and I’d really appreciate your blessing.”

But Laurelle isn’t keen to let Codie-Lea into her family and tells her that she will “never accept her”.

Choking up and close to tears, Laurelle tries to tell Nathan about the sacrifices she’s made.

“All I’ve done is be a single mum. I’ve given you everything,” she says. “I miss not being able to talk to you. I miss my granddaughter.”

Later, she sobs to camera: “I haven’t had a hug from my son in a long time. It just hurts.”

Laurelle breaks down in tears because she misses her son and granddaughter.

(Image: Channel Seven)

However, it doesn’t like it will be a smooth journey down the aisle as Laurelle is later seen strapping Codie-Lea into a lie detector test!

Will this couple patch things up with Laurelle or will she permanently stand in the way of their wedded bliss?

A bit extreme! Laurelle straps Codie-Lea to a lie-detecter test.

(Image: Channel Seven)

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