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A Bride and Prejudice couple have already split

And one of them has already moved on...
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When Bride and Prejudice: Forbidden Weddings premiered last week, Australia was shocked, heartbroken and sincerely fell in love with the couples who are putting their hearts on the line for love.

But now it seems one couple has already split – proving that sometimes we cannot overcome the hurdles of life for the people we care for.

According to the Daily Mail, Simon Debono and former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Izzy Vesey, have decided to part ways, ending their engagement.

Izzy Vesey and Simon Debono have ended their engagement. (Source: Channel 7)

One of the pair have also reportedly started dating someone else – which is not surprising since they are in an “open relationship”.

The other couples were shocked when Izzy told them in a group therapy session about the pair’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” arrangement.

“I don’t want all the information, I don’t want to know who you’re sleeping with… But I do want the freedom to ask you and know that you’ll tell me,” Izzy told her partner.

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Another telling sign they have split is of course their Instagram behaviour – they no longer follow each other. Which in this day and age, is the sure fire way to figure out if people are together or not.

The pair’s relationship has also been made extremely difficult by the fact that Izzy’s mum Bobbi and best friend Amanda think Simon, 27, is a womaniser, and in an upcoming episode, will even make him undergo a lie-detector test on the show.

“My mum hasn’t trusted him from the get-go,” Izzy, 28, told TV WEEK.

To make matters worse, Izzy suffered a miscarriage earlier this year – only to find out Simon was cheating on her at her lowest point.

“It made me feel awful, like I was disposable,” she said.

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Izzy suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of this year. (Source: Channel 7)

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Two of the other couples, Hank and Lily, and Philippa and Ry, have been confirmed as still together, however the fate of Ange and Dylan, Melissa and Aalden and Jess and Seyet are still to be determined.

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