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EXCLUSIVE: “He was so proud!” The Masked Singer winner Bonnie Anderson says her new boyfriend is her number one fan

''I want someone in my life to look up to and I’ve finally found that guy!''
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Hot on the heels of her incredible Masked Singer Australia win, Bonnie Anderson is on cloud nine – both professionally and personally!

With Bonnie’s diamond-encrusted altar ego Bushranger walking away victorious from season two of the widely popular singing show, the sky’s the limit for the ambitious 26-year-old.

Belting out a dynamic performance of David Guetta’s club anthem When Love Takes Over on last night’s finale seemed to be an apt song choice for the Neighbours favourite, who is head-over-heels in love with her new boyfriend, model-turned-tradesman Brenton Goldsack.

In this exclusive interview, Now To Love caught up with Bonnie just hours after her victory to talk about her time on the show, her blossoming romance and the exciting new music she has in the works.

Congratulations Bushranger! How does it feel winning season two of the Masked Singer Australia?

When you put it like that, it’s pretty bloody good. I was in shock. I think every time I got through, my helmet nearly fell off because I was so excited. But especially the last one!

I watched it all back last night and it was so special, I just had a laugh at my helmet.

It was all so exciting and such a cool experience – so wacky and weird. Something I’ll never, ever forget. I enjoyed every second of it.

Do you get to keep any of your amazing sparkly outfit?

I wish I did! I might contact them about this. I didn’t ask, but I would love a little piece of Bushranger as a souvenir. I love Bushie!

I’ve got the special trophy and she’ll be in my heart forever.

The whole season it was a guessing game of it was you or Jess Mauboy behind the mask – how did the comparisons feel and have you spoken to Jess since your win?

No I haven’t actually, I’ve been meaning to message her now it’s all out in the open.

She was great! I saw her on The Project the other day and they asked her [if she was Bushranger] and she played it so perfectly!

That’s exactly what it’s all about, it’s so much fun guessing. She’s amazing!

What about a duet with Jess, could it be on the cards?

That would be epic! That would be really cool.

I think we have similar tones but I never thought about it like that til everyone was saying [we sounded alike].

But yeah, man! We could rock out a song together, that would be great.

Cheering her on! Bonnie and Brenton confirmed their romance in August and the handsome model has been a firm fixture of support throughout her Masked Singer journey.

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The bookies’ favourite to win was The Queen. Were you surprised you beat her?

I always thought The Queen would be a challenge. She had a theme about her the whole time and I loved how she worked alongside that. The cool thing about the Queen was every performance had a story to it.

I honestly thought Queen had it. I was just blown away that I won. I’m really grateful! She’s a phenomenal singer.

Have you spoken to Kate Miller-Heidke since?

Not yet! We had a little interaction on Instagram but it’s been a pretty intense 12 hours. My phone is going crazy and I can’t wait to have a chat to all of the cast. I loved everyone on the show.

We saw your boyfriend Brenton posted a super sweet tribute to you following your win, he must be so proud of you. Did he know about you going on the show?

Yeah, he is really proud! Him and my sister were the only ones that knew about it.

Obviously Brenton would have been very confused at where I was going late at night all the time.

He was so proud! He watched me rehearsing and he quarantined with me and was there the whole way.

It’s nice to know my family is proud and the people I love are proud.

You two seem so happy together! Can you tell us a bit about your relationship?

Yeah, we are happy together! We’ve known each other for a couple of years and we’ve been friends and supported each other through some milestones parts of our lives.

We kind of came together because of our love of dogs. We took our dogs for a walk one day at the start of the pandemic, when you were still allowed to walk.

And we just connected – emotionally and just on each other’s level. We just think the same, have got the same goals in life and he’s very special. He really makes me want to be the best version of myself. And that’s really important to me – I always want to be challenged.

I want someone in my life to look up to and I’ve finally found that guy! And he impresses me every day and he makes me smile.

“It was all so exciting and such a cool experience – so wacky and weird! Something I’ll never, ever forget. I enjoyed every second of it!”

(Image: Channel 10)

What’s coming up for your character Bea on Neighbours, anything exciting?

Poor Bea! She’s been through the absolute ringer. She’s had a lot of boy troubles. Her and Levi have this on-off relationship at the moment, he’s the new good-looking cop that’s come to Ramsay Street and I think there might be something special there.

Keep an eye out to see if Bea finds the love of her life! It’s very cute what they do together and they have this on and off relationship for a while but hopefully they can make it work.

WATCH: Bushranger’s finale performance on The Masked Singer. Post continues below…

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Have you crossed paths with your Masked Singer and Neighbours co-star Lucy Durack on the set of Neighbours yet?

I LOVED that Lucy was on the Masked Singer! I actually haven’t crossed paths with her on Neighbours or on The Masked Singer.

It’s so funny, this whole thing is very much from afar. We got to do a few group songs on the Masked Singer, it’s a really special moment but we weren’t allowed to talk at all.

We’d interact with hand gestures. I just loved Cactus, she was so cute. I loved her little outfit, it was gorgeous.

Winners are grinners: A victorious Bonnie beams with joy as she holds up her Masked Singer trophy.

(Image: Channel 10)

Neighbours has been the foundation for lots of great friendships, particularly with you and Jodi Gordon. How’s she going and how special is your friendship with Jodi?

Jodes is someone that popped into my life and she was my sister on the show but she did really become my sister in real life.

We added her into the family! We’ve been there through hard times and good times and we’ve just always been there for each other. It’s a special friendship that I’ll never let go of. She’s doing really good. She’s being a mum and she’s getting fit and I’ve been watching her work-out like an animal!

It’s really great to see her with her beautiful girl and living it up in Sydney. I’m sure she’s going to do some epic things.

Do you think you could ever convince her to return to the show?

I reckon! She might come back, who knows. Nothing bad has happened to Elly, she’s just gone to Switzerland. That’s always a good sign.

Finally, what’s next for you Bonnie?

I’m definitely doing more music. I’ve got a single coming out in a couple days called Tell Me How You Want To Feel. I’m excited for the future, I’m excited for my music, I’m excited for more acting and more Neighbours.

Bonnie and her former Neighbours co-star Jodi Gordon share an unbreakable bond.

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