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Finally unmasked! Bushranger wins The Masked Singer Australia 2020

The Bushranger has been crowned the winner!
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It’s the wild and wacky show that has captivated the nation for the past four weeks.

And tonight, The Bushranger was officially crowned the 2020 winner of The Masked Singer Australia.

Bushranger, who was unveiled to be singer and Neighbours actress Bonnie Anderson, managed to beat The Queen (Kate Miller-Heidke) and Frillneck (Eddie Perfect) in a dazzling grand finale, which saw all 12 contestants from season two perform together.

“It’s a good feeling. I can’t believe I won this thing,” an overjoyed Bonnie exclaimed.

Neighbours has taken a lot of my time and it has sparked up a lot of fire in me. It’s nice to know I can do this,” the 25-year-old added of a potential return to singing.

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In a surprise outcome, The Queen, who was the bookies’ favourite to win, landed in second place with Bushranger’s surprise win adding an eleventh hour plot twist no one saw coming!

Meanwhile singer-songwriter, comedian, writer and actor extraordinaire Eddie Perfect was revealed to be Frillneck and walked away in third place.

Pop singer Bonnie Anderson first found fame in 2002 on Australia’s Got Talent. Just 12 years old at the time, the young singer took the talent competition by storm and won the grand final.

“I went on the show [and] I sung my little heart out the best I could. I loved being on there it was such a cool experience,” Bonnie told TV WEEK of her win.

In 2018, she joined the cast of Neighbours playing the fierce and fiery character Bea Nilsson.

The Bushranger’s jig is up! Say hello to the one and only singer/actress and your new Masked Singer winner, Bonnie Anderson.

(Images: Channel 10)

It’s been a dramatic season of The Masked Singer as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Last month, the Melbourne-based set of the singing show was forced to shutdown just moments before the taping of the grand finale after several dancers from the show tested positive to the virus.

While changes were made to ensure best practices of social distancing, a back-up dancer tested positive to COVID-19, leading to a multi-person cluster.

The positive case caused filming to come to an immediate halt and all members of production – including contestants, judges and host Osher Gunsberg – were required to self-isolate for two weeks.

Every episode of the show was already in the bag aside from the grand finale.

Silver medal: In what’s been the worst kept secret of the show, singer Kate Miller-Heidke is the incredible voice behind The Queen.

(Images: Getty, Channel 10)

In a world-first for the show, they managed to pull the finale together by filming it across three locations – the Melbourne set, Sydney and in New Zealand from judge Ursula Carlson’s hotel room during her mandatory quarantine so she can re-enter her home country.

“We are ambitiously filming the finale via green screen with people in two different countries, two different states and three different locations and they’re keying us in as if we’re all together in studio,” judge Jackie O explained.

“Urzila is quarantining in this hotel (in New Zealand) by herself so therefore she cannot have anyone enter her room to help her out with equipment. All she’s been given is some sort of GoPro to put on the top of her computer, she’s got a green sheet behind her and she has to do her own hair and makeup,” the radio star added.

A huge congrats to Bonnie on a stellar season. We can’t wait to see what The Bushranger does next!

The perfect pairing! Frillneck is the immeasurably talented singer-songwriter, pianist, comedian, writer and actor Eddie Perfect.

(Images: Getty, Channel 10)

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