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Does Bachelor in Paradise’s Grant Kemp propose to Ali Oetjen in series finale?

It won't be the first time Grant has popped the question on telly!
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Bachelor in Paradise producers have promised us a proposal set on the gorgeous shores of the Fiji. But which of our happy BIP couples will get engaged? Could it be Keira and Jarrod, who have already posed in their best wedding attire, or Tara and Sam who have spoken in detail about their big day, or will Grant, who has had a Bachelor in Paradise engagement before, propose to Ali?

If Channel 10’s trailer for the show’s finale episode airing tonight is to be believed, it is American intruder Grant Kemp who will be carrying a ring box.

Grant holds an engagement ring box during the trailer for the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

The trailer shows a close-up of a man’s hands, which appear to be Grant’s, opening a small box to reveal an engagement ring.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” Grant says to Ali, hinting that a proposal is just seconds away.

Watch the episode trailer above!

Ali is headed for heartbreak with Grant!

Grant Kemp’s Bachelor in Paradise proposal

If Grant proposes to Ali, it won’t be his first on-screen Bachelor in Paradise proposal.

During the US series of the show, the firefighter-turned-model shocked audiences when he got down on one knee and asked for Lace Morris’s hand in marriage after just a few weeks of knowing each other.

He’s done it before! During Grant’s first stint in Paradise, he proposed to Lace Morris just weeks after the pair met.

Despite a sizzling romance, and getting matching tattoos of the word ‘Grace’ while on the show, the couple called off the engagement a few months later. Grant claimed it was a mutual decision.

Discussing the relationship break-down with Entertainment Tonight Grant said, “There were things we were trying to work on that we expected to get better with time, and unfortunately it kind of went the opposite way.”

Grant and his ex-fiancée Lace got the word ‘Grace’, a combination of their names, tattooed on their wrists.

Ali dumped Grant after he demanded a threesome!

Unfortunately for Ali, who says “I hope Grant will propose today,” before the final rose ceremony, her dreams of a happily-ever-after with Grant will not come to fruition.

Woman’s Day has exclusively revealed that Gran’ts short-lived romance with Ali has come to an end since filming wrapped because he demanded a threesome.

“Ali travelled to LA to see him after the show, because she was considering moving there and really thought it was going to work out,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“But he tried to make her have a threesome with one of his mates and so she got scared and came running home.”

“He’s as fake as them come!”

It’s not the first time Grant has found himself in hot water with women, claims have emerged that he is a serial womaniser, something Ali’s co-stars spotted from the beginning.

“He’s as fake as them come,” Keira Maguire told Woman’s Day.

“Don’t be fooled by his nice guy behaviour. That guy is on a mission, and it’s not a nice one. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!”

Speaking with Yahoo Be, Paradise single Leah Costa claimed Grant only dated Ali for her fame.

“I’ve actually spoken to Ali since and she was like, ‘I should’ve listened to you. You warned me,'” Leah said.

“And I was like, ‘Yup, Grant just wants to be famous’. I feel really sorry for her – I don’t think she deserved to have her heart broken.”

Grant and Ali in happier times.

Further confirming that the lovers are no longer a couple is the fact that neither Ali or Grant follower each other on social media. They have also both refrained from sharing snaps of each other despite their onscreen affection.

All of this drama will just make Grant’s proposal to Ali tonight all the more painful to watch. Grab the tissues!

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