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Cat’s out of the bag! Has the winner of Big Brother VIP been leaked ahead of tonight’s finale?

Time to start placing your bets!
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Big Brother VIP Australia will come to an end tonight, and if the finale is anything like the epic debut season, it won’t disappoint.

From Jessika Power’s bombshell about Shane Warne sliding into her DMs, to Thomas Markle Jr. unleashing about his half-sister Duchess Meghan, we’ve barely had to the chance to digest all the drama on our screens.

So invested are viewers in the reality show that they are convinced they know who will be the last one standing in Big Brother‘s chess match on Tuesday night.

Flocking to Sportsbet, BB fans have currently placed odds on Ellie Gonsalves to take out top spot.

(Image: Seven)

Flocking to Sportsbet, BB fans have currently placed odds on Ellie Gonsalves to take out top spot. The actress and model has received odds of 1.83 on Sportsbet, while TAB has her sitting in second place behind Luke Toki.

Luke’s odds on TAB are 1.75, while Ellie is on 1.80.

The presumed winner – who is an actress, model, and entrepreneur – is competing for the Wildlife Warriors charity.

The Aussie has even received international success after appearing in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s film, Fighting With My Family, as well as working with Khloe Kardashian’s Good American clothing brand.

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Ellie may be hoping her fellow housemates underestimate her abilities, as she has confessed that some may have a “misconception” about the real her.

Over on Sportsbet, where the bookies have Ellie poised to win the show, Luke’s odds are at 2.40, while Josh Carroll sits at 6.00.

Earlier in the season, Danny Hayes’ odds of winning were great, but he was eliminated just a few days into his stay in the hotel.

On Monday night’s penultimate episode, Ellie, Luke, Josh, Jess Power and Imogen Anthony headed to the basement for their second last challenge. Ellie proved to be a queen, completing the challenge in less than five minutes.

According to Sportsbet, Survivor‘s self-appointed King of the Jungle Luke Toki is the runner-up.

(Image: Seven)

Upon returning to the hotel, Ellie nominated Jessika and Imogen, exacting sweet revenge for their previous blindside and their less than welcoming reaction to hearing Ellie was back in the game.

Jessika swung into action trying to get support from Josh and Luke, while Imogen had an epiphany about what the Big Brother experience has meant to her. Tired of always coming in second and being in someone’s shadow, she mustered up the courage to scramble hard. She made an emotional pitch to both Luke and Josh. It worked and Jessika was evicted.

The final four celebrated their place in the competition with an Italian feast and Imogen took the opportunity to make amends, she apologised to Ellie and the girls made up.

The final three are Josh Carroll, Ellie Gonsalves and Luke Toki.

(Image: Seven)

The next morning the housemates attacked their final challenge, with Josh securing the win and the power to decide which housemate would go home, as well as who he would take to the Grand Final with him.

A very emotional Imogen showed her vulnerability again, pleading with Josh based on self-growth and self-worth. Despite his alliance with Luke, Luke was worried, and desperate to break his reality show curse.

In the Eviction Room, Josh was torn, admitting it would make sense to send Ellie or Luke home. But true to his word, he chose to send Imogen home, taking Ellie and Luke to the Grand Final with him.

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